8 Ways Your Clothes Could Be Dangerous To Your Health

According to the Huffington Post:

We are happy to admit that we are obsessed with trends and fashion
here at HuffPost Style. But even the most devoted fashion fans
acknowledge that there are times when clothes are painful, both on the
body and on the eyes. Is it possible our wardrobes could actually be
dangerous to something more than our wallets?

Here are seven clothing culprits might actually be hurting you.

1. The problem: Chemicals in fabrics. This is an obvious one. Back in
November, we ran a piece on a report from Greenpeace that detailed the
toxic chemicals used in clothes from fast fashion chains. According to
Greenpeace’s Media Officer, Myriam Fallon, “Many chemicals that are
used in the dying and processing of fabrics can become hormone
disrupting and even cancer causing when they break down in nature, and
those chemicals are being dumped into rivers right near the

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