#‎MyNameIs Facebook’s “Fake Name” Policy

On June the 4th, my account on Facebook was disabled due to their ‘fake name’ policy. This policy is to be quite honest is messed up! — I don’t know the number of people affected, however I’m sure it’s in the thousands or even more! People should not have to use their real name on social media. There was a big protest outside of Facebook on June 1st with Drag Queens, and others describing how not everyone wants to use their real name on social media to protect their identity and choose have a different name other than their real one.

It’s a huge problem in privacy. There are so many options in facebook based on privacy to help protect yourself, yet, the biggest privacy of them all is the ability to use an alias when people have a secret lives such as Drag Queens, Nudists, etc who do not want their private lives exposed to the public risking their jobs, family, friends, etc.

After loosing my account I not only lost all my friends from facebook, I lost my Facebook Pages, (The Naturist Page, Oka’s Naturist Beach, WNBR – Montreal). I’ve also lost a hand full of Facebook Groups as well. Then, in a blink of an eye, thousands of followers lost! It’s an outrage! I tried calling Facebook and it’s impossible to talk to someone in person or even leave a message… even if I was able to leave a message, i’m sure they would not call me back.

There must be a way to make Facebook change this stupid and breach in privacy policy to allow to use an alias for their Facebook account name.

The hash tag going around social media is #‎MyNameIs and i’m seeing so many angry people. I’m writing this blog so I can contact media in hopes to put the pressure on Facebook the policy. I hope something can be done so everyone can get their account back.

~Scott RedCloud

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