[Newt] 2015 PARTICIPATION PLANNING for hut+tent numbers + TODOs

This year will be in a different format. We expect to have one group in a *small* hut, and one group camping in tents. The two groups will be independent but *might* meet up depending on circumstances, as described in the group post:


The tent group *might* be mobile, this has not been decided yet as we need to roughly know who wants to participate.

*IF* there are sufficient people, we *might* try to organize a second *small* hut. In this case we will need an experienced person to be prepared (with help) to take on this organization, (otherwise it does not happen). If you are interested in doing this please contact me directly by personal mail.

Therefore, we need people who are *seriously* interested in participating to do the following:

1. Add your initial preference here:


2. "Join" either of the following event listings (you can't do both):

Hut-A: http://www.naktiv.net/fevent/270/hut-group-a/

Tent-B: http://www.naktiv.net/fevent/278/tent-group-b/

Given that 1. (25) and 2. (5) do not currently add up to ANYTHING LIKE the same number, obviously people are not following these instructions correctly. This could be for a number of reasons, but the only thing which concerns us here is to try to ascertain who is dependably SERIOUS about participation.

This message will also be posted in the group, for easy reference. (here it is) 🙂

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