A letter from Stephen Gough in prison, reads:

A letter from Stephen Gough in prison, reads:
Letter from Stephen Gough dated 1st March 2013
Hi Mel, how are you? Just arrived at Winchester Prison.Its a pretty
old prison but the cell am in is fairly worm and they made a mistake
of giving me double the usual allocation of bedding so i shouldn’t
have any trouble getting asleep because of the cold.
Today at Southampton Magistrates i refused to get dressed to get into
court as they initially asked,after i emphasized this would only allow
me in court if i remained seated,but i also refused it on those
terms,as in my opinion that’s the same as covering yourself and i
wanted to be treated like any other defendant, so in the end they
relented and i was allowed in. The case was referred to Southampton
Crown court on the 25th March and I’ve been remanded until then (this
is the ASBO breach sort of trial, though it isn’t as in the ordinary
sense). Actually, it is an interim ASBO,that I’ve allegedly breached,
the full hearing will be heard on the 10th May along with all the
other S5’s that they have cobbled together.
Who knows Where all this will end up, but my position is that i
shouldn’t have been given an ASBO in the first place as my behavior is
pro-social not anti-social.

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