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Times they are a changing to quote his Bobness. Landed clubs, in the UK at any rate, seem to have gone from accepting only families and couples to welcoming even three legged green creatures from the planet zog in their efforts to survive. Even the humble winter weekly swim is under threat with the average age of the swimmer now exceeding sixty and the attendance at some venues in single figures. This contrasts sharply with the apparent growth in events such as the World Naked Bike Ride. The latter seems to be growing not only in the numbers prepared to bare all but also there are more towns being represented. Here on the South Coast of England it will soon be possible to do a WNBR every weekend throughout the summer if you so choose if the growth rate continues. What’s going on? Have we, as a nation, suddenly honed our environmental credentials and are choosing to demonstrate about the increasing dependence on fossil fuel – wasn’t that the point of WNBR in the first place? Many of the participants travel significant distances by car so may be this is not the motive. Or are people beginning to appreciate the sensations that can only be felt when naked. We might also say the sensations that are appreciated when we are naked but the majority are clothed. Here is another interesting paradox. Would the feeling of being naked be quite so special if we could do it any place and at any time? When it becomes no more a lifestyle choice than whether to wear a hat or not, for example, what happens then?

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  1. While there are many of us who would like for nudity to be legal in all places and at all times, there are times and places where nudity isn't practical, and may even be unsafe. I never had a job throughout my work career where it would have been both practical and safe to work nude. I was a skilled tradesman, and everything I did had the potential for harming an unprotected person. Even if I had been a nudist, I would have never considered going to work nude.

    I have the philosophy of "Nude when practical, clothed when necessary." I don't live in an area where it is temperate year-around, so clothing is a necessity during late fall, winter and early spring, because I am NOT cold-tolerant. Even if it was legal to be nude outdoors where I live, the first time I appeared nude outdoors in the community I live in would be my last. I would be lucky if I was given 24 hours to move out. Even if it was legal to be nude in public, I can think of quite a few places where I wouldn't want to be nude because I have to wear a jacket there even in summer.

    I don't believe there will ever come a time when shedding our clothes won't have a certain "specialness" to it, because it never will truly become common-place. There will always be a certain "Ahh" feeling to it.

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