A Story about me and nudism.

When I was a teenager I was diagnosed whit psoriasis. It got so bad that I was hospitalist. The only treatment that helped was UV-B or light treatment. Doctors recommended me to be in the sun as much as possible.
When I visited a normal beach people would stare at me and have nasty comments so I stopped coming. I looked for secluded arias where I could be alone and sunbathed naked . I soon released that I loved it so I tried a nude beach still scared what people would say.
At my surprise people came up to me told me I was welcome no nasty comments just real questions about my problem.
Today I have found a treatment that works and I still visits nude beaches loving it.

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  1. I was surprised how all my skin conditions improved when I embraced nakedness. I ha nothing really bad, but a bit of peeling dry shiny skin and the occasion red blotch. After a couple of weeks out daily in the spring sun, I was nicely tanned withe virtually no dry spots. Air, water and sun really make a difference.

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