So been looking for a new job for a month now. Had a line on one but blew that. since then I have not had anyone accept or try to hire me. Am I bad at applying to places or are my skills just not right for people? My line of work is not hard to get a job but I seem to be…eh…I don't know. I am just writing this blog to get my feelings out. I have great skill, at least I have told so.

what is my career choice you ask? Chef, or cook. I mean everyone eats but nobody wants me apparently. I have even gone so far as to apply outside of my state of residence. I want to get out of here, I want a job…I want to feel wanted. Starting to feel depressed about this whole situation. Maybe I shouldn't have left my last job…but my boss was making the atmosphere uncomfortable…I hate passive aggressive people.

Perhaps I should apply to more places in more states…any suggestions? Anyone want a chef for personal reasons, or do any of you own a restaurant? I am not picky…

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