Anthology update

So far, the committed authors to the short story anthology “Murders on a Nudist Colony” are:

  1. Paul Z Walker, author of the Naked Crow series, the Mirror Earth series, and many more books [The Netherlands]
  2. Will Forest, author of Coed Naked Philosophy, Aglow, and numerous short stories [USA]
  3. Ted Bun, author of so many good books it boggles the mind [UK/France]
  4. Matthew McDermott, a Beginners Guide to Naturism
  5. Fabien Barabe, graphic novelist – The Spice of Life [Canada]
  6. Marc [NuEtHeureux] who is working on another novel [France]
  7. Hannah Steenbock [Germany]
  8. Ana [Croatia]
  9. Andrew Calow, multi-genre author [UK]
  10. Jacob Drake, Chronicles of a Bare Naked Nudist [
  11. Bob Neutan [USA]
  12. and myself, 3 naturist novels, 3 books of poetry, 2 books of social history, professional articles and chapters, numerous editorials and publications including GoingNatural magazine, the FCN journal.


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