Are we made of light?

Today in Italy, we celebrate the feast of Liberation from Fascism. From the struggle of the Resistance was born our Constitution. Because of – or under the pretext of – the pandemic, the government has adopted unconstitutional measures. In the eyes of many Italians, not respecting the fundamental law, the government has delegitimized itself.
In recent days I have gone out for a daily walk, and I have taken a picture. When I looked at it on the monitor, I jumped, seeing how my skin, my flesh seemed to be made almost of alabaster. Had the sunlight turned on a biological light that we have inside? Are we made this way? Is this our constitution? Nature, like Antigone, follows non-written laws: you don’t need to write them down to remember them. Hammurabi had engraved them on a stele; in Gortyn, greek laws can still be read, Romans had engraved them on XII Tables. But I wondered: did they write them down aware of their intrinsic weakness?
Summa summarum: I am with the unwritten constitution of Nature, freeing myself of oaths of fidelity: if I want to live, I can only live according to Nature. The thousands of pages of our laws, of our Universal Declaration of Human Rights are coating us with things that are too human. We have had the presumption to call ourselves the “pinnacle of Creation”; we need to give ourselves a definition, to build ourselves a dignity, to design a castle of ideas and words. Nature, mute and naked, manages to show me an inner light that I didn’t know I had.


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