Blog posts and/or photo uploads?

We welcome photos here of naked people engaged in normal non-sexual
every-day activities, and provide a safe place to post them. However,
when you’ve seen one photo of a naked guy standing in the bathroom,
the next 99 photos of the naked guy standing in the bathroom are
pretty boring. Please do NOT bother posting any more than one example
of this kind of meaningless drivel, it will in any case be filtered
out over time.

Please DO post interesting images of artwork, event participation,
hiking tours, boating and riding and first-aid courses, dinner or BBQ
dates, theatre meets, anything *interesting* is welcome.

Furthermore, just posting photos is insufficient to motivate others to
join our activities. Currently photos outnumber blog posts by an
overwhelming ratio of more than 10-1. Blog posts of entertaining or
challenging naked experiences would be very welcome, anything which
helps to engage our membership in active dialogue is a good idea.

Comments/suggestions welcome.

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