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My husband got nudism into his mind that this was something that we should try. My initial response was complete and abject horror–who hasn't had that nightmare where you are naked at school? Our first experience that he talked me into was going to Haulover Beach outside of Miami. Knowing what I know now, that is probably not the best place for a first-timer–there was an above-average number of creepers, and the gay hookup scene was really hopping that day. I went topless that first time, and my husband went the full month. He got an erection for about 30 seconds, and then I teased him enough for him to regain his composure.
The first real positive experience I had was at a nudist "colony" campsite. We went camping (also a first time) with some nudist friends we made on , so it was very low-pressure. If I spent the whole weekend in clothes, nobody would even notice. I was nervous for about 10 minutes, and then I knew freedom like never before. I know there are some nudists/swingers that are really only looking to be around attractive nudists/swingers, but the majority of the people are not like that. Most people are older and not swimsuit models–but no one cares. Everyone is nice and wants to have a good time. I don't have to worry about how my clothes look, or my weight, or anything else other than having a good time and talking to nice people. Once you have seen EVERYTHING, the only thing that really matters is the personality. That's why it is so liberating for me–If I am being judged, it is mainly by my attitude, not how I look.
Erections are not a big deal, but like Steaksauce said, there is no reason to swing it around (unless you are at that kind of place). This seems to be the biggest question from guys, and erections happen a lot less than you would think. The misconception is that every second of the naked day is sexualized, and that is far from the truth. I thought that once too.
I don't see a difference between naturism and nudism. Both can imply a lifestyle, but for most people it is not. My husband and I are "recreational nudists." I think that is descriptive enough to say that we do not live the nudist lifestyle at home. Nothing against it, but the husband keeps the thermostat at 68 degrees.
As a side note, my husband and I are planning to own a clothing-optional B&B in some hot climate area–we definitely love nude recreation!

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  1. In addition to previous comments, the avatar is also used on Google+ by Alice Jones and Winters Sherly. So if vinassap is so 'open' and a real nudist, why hide behind an avatar that isn't hers? Aren't we here amongst lifestyle alikes, isn't that the purpose of this site not to hide from each other, but to seek true friends. Unlike the site she's promoting which has a more sexual charge (I tried it for a while in search of friends).

  2. friend, fully agree with your observations – particularly the fact that when we live nude, only the personality / mind matters…

    being naturist, does not mean one has to be nude always, but enough if we learn to drop clothes when its not needed.

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