NEWT 2018 tent group

NEWT 2018 tent group


28/07/2018 - 04/08/2018    
4:00 am


The Naked European Walking Tour 2018 will take place from 28 July – 4 August 2018 in the Austrian Alps between Salzburg and Innsbruck. If you are interested to join the tent group, please let me know. We will hike and tent in the mountains. During the week we will meet up the hut group for our food refill and the possibilities to take a shower and gather with the other group 🙂 In this case we we can travel lighter.


– accomodation : the participants bring their own tents and sleep in the mountains some nights and on the hut meadow the other days
– country : austria south west to Salzburg (Tirol country)
– price : 50 Euros
– nationalities : mixed international cultural participants, men, couples, families – 11 different nations have participated in 2017

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  1. Hello Zusammen
    Nun steht es fest, wir sind dabei. Verena und Roger. Aber zuerst gehen wir nun nach Sri Lanka und freuen uns auf den Urlaub. Verenas Bruch am Fuss macht gute Fortschritte und wir denken das sie bis zum Sommer wieder fit ist.
    Gruess Roger

  2. Hello, how does this work?
    Will the tents stay at the same place or will we carry them with us?
    Will the tents be right next to the hut or at a nearby campground?
    Do I have to register in advance or could I just show up and join?
    Is there a fee for the event itself or just the costs of food & shelter?
    Can I join on Monday or do I have to be there on Saturday?
    Thanks a lot Smile

    • Hi Jo Hannes, will track with the tents on our backs and will sleep in the wilderness. Some of the days we will be closer to the hut, so we can meet the hut group. You have to register in advance, since the number of people is limited. The costs to sign up are € 50,- pp. This money we use for food and beverage for the trip. We will leave on Sunday and probably Tuesday we will near the hut. But no 100% security. On Monday we are in the mountains.

      If you need more info, please let me know.

      Naked regards,

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