Florida Nude Beach Legislation

Sounds like some sensible legislation in Florida.  But then this state is known to have the largest population of nude recreation facilities (beaches and resorts) in the country.


Iguanas, Nude Beaches on Florida Lawmakers’ Agenda Next Week

The Florida Legislature set a lot of lofty goals for their annual 60-day session

Democratic Sen. Jason Pizzo has a bill that would exempt people on clothing-optional beaches from being prosecuted under a law that prohibits people from exposing their genitals in public.

For the full article: https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/iguanas-nude-beaches-on-florida-lawmakers-agenda-next-week/2178650/


3 thoughts on “Florida Nude Beach Legislation”

  1. Its so depressing that people have to ‘fight’ for the right to behave perfectly naturally, calmly & peacefully. The right to not wear restrictive & unhygienic materials next to skin in very vulnerable conditions. In hot weather (or even cool mild weather) it should be perfectly usual & totally acceptable to strip off all garments and enjoy good weather naked. There is no evidence whatsoever that shows a naked, relaxed person is of any danger to anyone of either sex or of any age.
    The ‘fears’ & the ‘dangers’ are all contained in the minds of puritans who see threats & imminent dangers in every hour of every day. It is these people who are a threat to society & the well being of our young people & our families. Give naturists/nudists total freedoms and get rid of the prehistoric fears & insane imaginations of some lawmakers. Naked is natural & peaceful.

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