Nudists in Isolation

Perhaps while we are increasingly forced into Coronavirus induced isolation, we should look for opportunities to connect virtually with our friends for nude social exchanges via FacetTime or Zoom.

Nudist Hate Crime Protection

UK has been leading the way with progressive legal freedoms for nudists/naturists.  This would be an excellent step in the right direction. SPI Nudists want hate crime law to cover them: Plea for protection from ‘textiles’ – which is what they call people who wear clothes Nudists claim they are facing abuse, and want to … Read more

Joy of Cooking Naked

Really well done article on the nudist lifestyle by the New York Times. SPI LUTZ, Fla. — Karyn McMullen is tired of being asked how she cooks bacon without any clothes on. It’s one of those jokes people can’t help but make about nudists, and to Ms. McMullen, who has been cooking naked for more than two … Read more

Florida Nude Beach Legislation

Sounds like some sensible legislation in Florida.  But then this state is known to have the largest population of nude recreation facilities (beaches and resorts) in the country. SPI Iguanas, Nude Beaches on Florida Lawmakers’ Agenda Next Week The Florida Legislature set a lot of lofty goals for their annual 60-day session Democratic Sen. Jason … Read more

Supreme Court Will Not Consider Topless Bans

In a move certain to slow down the Free the Nipple movement, the Supreme Court of the US refused to take up a case challenging a New Hampshire city ordinance banning public toplessness. Given that the Supreme Court is the last court of refuge for challenging laws in the United States, those wishing to see … Read more

Normalize Nudity

I was paging though a website with a bunch of nudist news clips and I saw the phrase “Normalize Nudity” a couple of times.  What a perfect thought.  Isn’t that what we all should be doing? Share with me some of your ideas about how to normalize nudity so that we all can carry your ideas … Read more

Welcome Back Naktiv

Very glad to see Naktiv back online again.  It will take me a little time to get used to the new format, but it appears that the format is intended to encourage more blog posts from the members.  Accordingly, I am going to try and commit myself to making more regular blog posts on a … Read more


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The Nude in Vogue

I am a big fan of fashion, it is artistic, innovative and expressive. Nudity in fashion has always been part of the art-form. The very well informed features a wonderful historic look at nude fashion photographs published in Vogue. Many of the images provide an inspirational look at a possible life in a clothing-non-compulsory … Read more

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