Avoiding the Sun Will Kill You

Found this article with large assortment of health benefits related to exposure to the sun. The introduction is reproduced below and if you go to the page, all of the topics have links to discussion of each. Interesting reading on a lot of common modern maladies.


Top 16 Proven Health Benefits of Sun

Why Avoiding Sun Will Kill You: 15 Proven Science-Based Health Benefits of Sun

A large number of public health messages over the past century have focused on the dangers of too much sun exposure, such as aging, skin cancer and DNA damage. However, in reality, today’s science tells us that exposure to the ultraviolet radiation (UVR) in sunlight has many beneficial effects on human health.

Indeed, most people are aware of the impact of sun exposure on Vitamin D production, which is a very important factor. However, there is a host of other health benefits that have been overlooked in the debate over how much sun is necessary for optimal health. This article will dive into the science to uncover the various ways in which sun exposure, at the right times and intensities, is a vital component of good health.

Sunny day

Sun Exposure Decreases Risk of Dying
Top Health Benefits of Sun Exposure
1) Sunlight Increases Vitamin D Levels
1.1) Ideal Vitamin D levels
2) Sun Exposure Sets Circadian Rhythm (Important!)
3) Sun Exposure May Protect Against Cancer
4) Sun Exposure Can Protect Against Heart Disease and Lower Blood Pressure
5) Sun Exposure Makes You Happier and Combats Depression and SAD
Sun and Serotonin
Sun and Dopamine
Sun and Vitamin D
6) Sun Exposure is a Nootropic and Improves Brain Function
7) Sun Exposure Protects Against Brain Disorders
8) Sunbathing Encourages Dental Health
9) Sun Exposure May Reduce Diabetes
10) Sun Increases Wakefulness
11) Sunlight Increases Sex Hormones
12) Sunlight is a Natural Pain Killer
13) Sunlight is Good For Your Eyes
14) Sun Exposure Treats Arthritis
15) Sun Protects Against Autoimmunity
When Sun Might Be More Important
Mechanisms by Which Sun Benefits Health
Why People May Get Skin Cancer From Sun

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