Conservative Nudist 2 – the empire strikes buck (naked)

Ok, I accept that is common rant among nudists that "Christianism" has defined the human body as a "shame", but is entirely not real. If you read the Bible, you can take Genesis in two ways, one "actual" and other as a parabola. In Genesis, was not God that impeded Adam and Eve to be naked: when they realized they were nude they covered themselves before being in front of God. God only exchanged their fig leaves for an "animal fur". The meaning of this first sacrifice is that an innocent paid for us. Second is that having an animal fur we lost our perfect state and became like animals also. And we have to hunt and kill animals for our protection and food. It was a curse, in fact. Being naked can be a return to innocence, as I feel, for instance, or something else, depending on what your souls are inclined to. But most important is that in the history not Christianism, early Christians were baptized in the nude. Some of the prophets passed years in the nude in the old testament and even Jesus Christ was crucified naked. In today's world is very interesting that "nudist beaches" only exist in Christian countries. I was in the East and, believe me, nudity is far "taboo" than we could imagine. In Muslim countries is not even allowed a man see another man naked….best regards.

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