Joy of Cooking Naked

Really well done article on the nudist lifestyle by the New York Times.


LUTZ, Fla. — Karyn McMullen is tired of being asked how she cooks bacon without any clothes on.

It’s one of those jokes people can’t help but make about nudists, and to Ms. McMullen, who has been cooking naked for more than two decades, it shows how misunderstood nudism is. Many people think only about the pitfalls — spattering fat, minor burns — and not the benefits.

“Embracing the nudist lifestyle has given me permission to feel my feelings,” she said one morning as she sautéed bell peppers while wearing nothing but a glittery manicure in her home kitchen at the Lake Como Family Nudist Resort in Lutz, about 20 miles north of Tampa. She lives here with her husband, Jayson McMullen.

“But if you want to know the truth,” she added with a resigned sigh, “I buy precooked bacon, and I microwave it on a paper towel.”

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  1. Kieran – As a many-decades naturist, I too yawned at Ms McCullen’s story. However: When one of your nude wrestling/body painting events is the subject of a full-color, light-hearted, not wink-wink article, above the fold on page 1 of a separate section, aimed at the entire readership of the week-day New York Times, you will have contributed to general acceptance of naturism, as has Ms. McCullen.

    • I very much feel that the new york times readers would be most interested in my anecdotes 🙂 I reckon a lot of ’em liked the groundbreaking movie ‘women in love’ with THAT incredibly famous scene, my own events were much the same type of thing, honest 🙂 🙂

      • You gotta admire the nerve of oliver reed and alan bateman. The producers wanted to cut the scene but Reed put his foot down and insisted, good on ya man 🙂 Those two chaps could teach modern actors and thing or two about freedom of expression lol 🙂

  2. Sorry but… yawn 🙂 Is this the most interesting story Ms McMullen has to share about her naturist lifestyle?? I wonder if I could interest her in a nude wrestling / bodypainting event?? 1-2-1 combat with a nice naked Irishman lol 🙂 I shall be happy to post the pics and videos on here peeps, I live in hope lol 🙂

      • That, my dear man, is a matter of opinion. I have been a genuine nudist/naturist for 30 years and a keen observer of how the world works 🙂 I have posted more blogs than anyone else since the relaunch, plus I post GENUINE photos and videos and info from my vast experience of naturism… plus I post on HERE, I dont make dramatic headlines to try to divert people to another blog, for some reason best known to myself 🙂 Stay warm and mind how you go now 🙂

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