Nudist Hate Crime Protection

UK has been leading the way with progressive legal freedoms for nudists/naturists.  This would be an excellent step in the right direction.


Nudists want hate crime law to cover them: Plea for protection from ‘textiles’ – which is what they call people who wear clothes

  • Nudists claim they are facing abuse, and want to be protected under hate laws
  • They want the right to get naked to be a recognised ‘philosophical belief’
  • Last year, hundreds of people protested against a nude Stoke swimming session
  • CPS guidance calls for balance between the rights of naturists and the public 

You may think the biggest threat to nudists would be some sunburn or pesky insect bites in the height of summer.

But naturists say they are increasingly facing abuse – and now want to be protected under hate crime laws.

British Naturism, which represents about 9,000 nudists, wants the right to get naked in public to be recognised as a ‘philosophical belief’ in the eyes of the law.

Its president, Mark Bass, told the Mail on Sunday they were lobbying for the change ‘so we are not abused in our day-to-day lives. These days we all agree that shouting abuse at somebody because of the colour of their skin, their sexual preference or their religion is not acceptable.

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