Since I’ve had major computer problems in January I haven’t been able to get ‘ online ‘ to continue my regular contributions. Now I have a new laptop replacing my previous ‘ Desk Top ‘ computer. I have had quite a few problems logging in to groups & places that I have previously used almost continually. So it seems that all of my previous stuff I had put into the ‘Naktiv’ group page has vanished. Like a ‘newcomer’ I have logged into this old and unused ancient id.  Thank you to problem solving wizards we have actually keeping us all going,  solving all of our ‘ mini crisis ‘ issues and dealing with questions & queries which keep us online & happy.

I have previously done a lot of blogs & of course hundreds of entries on day to day naturist stuff involving my lovely family and of course my fabulous wife. My niece Lisa and her big influence in our lives has often been the focal point of many of my posts, also the issues that we have come across since I became disabled & rely quite a lot on ‘Carers’ or ‘Care givers’ as some know them. Obviously I can’t re-post all the previous stuff I have added, that is all gone into the ether or lost in the recesses of my lost previous “log-ins”.   I will try to post regularly again and partially recall somethings from past things I have told you all. So if anything I add seems familiar, it is !

Thank you once more to the wonders of the ‘backroom’ team. Thank you to our many friends past & present on here, thank you for waiting for my return to the fold of faithful & loyal naturists.

7 thoughts on “I am HERE”

  1. Good to see you back. Your old material is all still there – I can see you had 327 friends and I can read 180+ blogs by clicking your old id. on my friends list, which means you should be able to recover the account somehow if you want to.

    • It seems that (because of my computer breakdown) I can’t access much of the stuff that I have posted during the recent few years. This i.d. that I am logged into is my unused original log in from when I very first joined here. However, I am lucky to be back again & I really do appreciate your friendship here. So whatever I add in future will be as if I am still continuing from before my machine failure in mid-January.

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