Is it Time to Talk About Legal Acceptance of Simple Nudity

I wrote this article using my Nom de Plume of Lee Butler.  It is published in the SCNA (Southern California Naturist Association) newsletter and I believe it will be published in the AANR (American Association of Nude Recreation) newsletter as well.




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9 thoughts on “Is it Time to Talk About Legal Acceptance of Simple Nudity”

  1. For some reason, the server is running really slow to display this blog post, even though the two pages are both in the 650k range.

    If you go to the blog page where you can see both article pages, you can right click on either of the pages and select “Open Image in Separate Tab” and it will open an enlarged view. For your convenience I also uploaded a PDF of the article at the following address:

      • Given that AANR is basically a club owner’s organization, I can imagine they might have political problems getting behind such an effort. That said, British Naturism was the organization promoting the change in the law in UK, so maybe it is possible.

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