Gay or swinger or dogger friends online?

Do you have gay friends in your naturist friendship circle, either in person or online? If you do, and you find gay friends acceptable but swingers not, then I would suggest you are being unnecessarily judgemental against a personal sexual preference of one sort or the other. I mention this because I have both gay friends AND swinger friends who are connected to me BOTH personally and online, but I am NEITHER gay nor a swinger. Because these people are associated with my account I am unable to stop them from adding me to groups where more of the same coagulate. That is my tough luck. However, I would still insist on not being tarred with the same brush, just because I choose to remain friends with a gay person even if I do NOT share their sexual preference in any shape or form, and the pushy ones *really* piss me off. However, I do insist on choosing my own friends and not being forced to conform and obey to anyone else's judgements as to who may be my friend, on my behalf. Thanks for listening.

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