Gender issues.

Why, oh why, are there so few women on naturist websites? Is it because there are so many men on naturist websites, that the women all run away? Might it be that there are too many men, or because there are too few women, in the field? What about a website that is not a naturist website, but offers a naked place, what then?

Oh, why are there so few women programmers? Is it because there are so many male programmers, and the women all run away? Oh, why are there so few women bus drivers? Can women not drive? Oh, why are there so few women brick-layers? Maybe they're not strong enough, or maybe they're not interested! Oh, why are there so few women naked hikers, is it because they are concerned about what all those evil men will do to them, on the wild mountains so far from the police? Oh, why are there so few women on my favourite website, is it because...? Oh, why are there so few women...?

Why are there so many women on porn sites? Is it the money? Surely not! Do we need to make special "women's only naked websites" on Tuesdays? Would making a "no single males permitted" rule help? Is this something which should be fixed, and if so, WHO's going to fix it?

Is this a naked website thing? Is this a "rights" issue? Is this a gender thing? Is this irrelevant?

Comments welcome - what is your opinion?


40 thoughts on “Gender issues.”

  1. Where I live, Ontario, women have been able to go topless in public for twenty years or so. Basically, the female breast is not considered a sex organ and therefore women can go shirtless anywhere a man can. Yet, I have never seen a topless woman on a public beach or mowing the grass.

    Why? Because they have been conditioned as much as men have to think of the breast as a sex object. They fear being judged as seeking attention or being flirtatious. We, as a society, are way too uptight about the human body.

    We show full frontal nudity (both men and women) on network TV here and have since the 1970s. But when it is their own bodies, people seem to be very protective of their image and what they want to project and I suspect women are much more so than men because of the media and how women are portrayed in it.

  2. I know that I've previously mentioned that an ingrained sense of being "on show" is a very big aspect of this.
    My daughter is only nine, and she is acutely aware she is on exhibition. It's communicated to her via the media, her life experiences of being very cute from an early age.
    She's very fashion conscious and wary of what people will think of her. Fortunately at the beach, including public beaches, she will "go bare" if her swimmers are uncomfortable, or she just wants to wash off in the surf or what have you. I think the only reason this occurs is because I have no qualms about changing on the beach, going bare whenever possible which leads my son to follow suit. I know for a fact this makes my daughter far less self conscious.
    At the end of the day, it is society and the attitude of women themselves who conform to the mould set for them. It's a complex issue, but of course the mainstream buy into it. It's commercial capitalism and people adhering to what they think others expect of them.