Guys looking at photos of naked females.

Why do guys like to look at photos of naked women? Feminists stamp their feet, romantics swoon and wives sigh (who have caught their mate already).

That's what guys were built for. Being attracted by your feminine charms to procreate with. That is our single raison d'etre. How would it be possible that we would NOT want to look at images of attractive women?

I was reading about a peacock (I think) who is attracted to a peahen by (apparently) the shape of it's head. This was shown by decapitating a peahen and hanging the head from the appropriate height on a piece of string and watching as the peacock attempted to mate(!)

Now aren't you glad we're not peacocks, or peahens…?

Interestingly the experiment was carried further and it was shown that hanging a tennis ball, (which was the same size and shape as the peahen's head), in the same position, elicited the exact same mating response.

Who are we to say that guys should NOT be attracted by feminine shapes?

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  1. I like looking at a naked female person as much as I like looking at a naked male person. For me it has nothing to do with attraction, I find myself attracted to certain bodies but that doesn't mean I'll just look at those pictures. I like to see people enjoying themselves and the naked body is a natural thing in all shapes, sizes, colours and configurations. What I like is to appreciate the 'person' in their natural environment.

    Personally, I don't just go after and want sex with someone I think looks good. Usually for me, I get the feeling that I want to have sex with someone after I get to know them and the mind plays a lot into what attracts me to a person. The body is secondary and I can love the body because it is connected to the person I love.

    On a site like this, I would guess that, if a woman "'shows' a deep cleavage", it's because that's the kind of cleavage she has. It's not about showing off her cleavage and I'm sure there is a lot more on the photo that you could pay attention to as well. This site is for posting pictures where it doesn't matter if you have no clothes on.

  2. On an evolutionary principal, men are attracted to physical form. It's the thing that drives the sexual desire to procreate with as many females as possible. On the other hand, women tend to have a more balanced attraction that takes into account other sociological factors. Physical form is only one part of that. Women have to be choosy, as they only get one person to mate with (the one that fertilises the egg)

    Think how the mating game would work if it were the other way round. Women having sex with any man, but men being choosy. It wouldn't spur the species to develop.

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