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I might be stating the obvious here but being naked every day is as important to me as a balanced diet or taking regular exercise. Apart from the obvious benefits of sun on skin, feeling a gentle breeze on bare flesh does wonders for your mental health as well as physical health. By going naked you not only allow your body to breathe but also give yourself freedom to move unrestricted. After a day of wearing clothes I begin to feel like I am suffocating and can't wait to let it all hang out. I make it part of my daily routine to spend time naked and what better way to do that than to eat, sleep and excercise in the nude.

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  1. Nudism has proven to be everything promised in terms of positive changes in the health of mind, body and spirit; count me surprised and amazed at my personal improvements in the past two years of (as much as I can) living nude.
    I would've never imagined this happening 30-50 years ago…
    A true blessing is nudism and I'm extremely grateful to have been gifted by It.

  2. A healthy and fitness-oriented lifestyle is also very important to me, and I have always thought that nudism has played a role in the way by which I keep myself motivated to do what I need to do in order to keep that focus. I like the body-centric aspects of nudism and have always been a believer in the idea that if you you keep your body fit, the mind will follow. Being naked reminds me that there is no "me" without my body, and therefore it is so vitally important to take care of the only vessel for my mind and spirit that I'll ever have.

  3. I also endeavour to be naked at least part of the day, (besides every night when I'm sleeping). It's also important for me though to let everyone do their own thing. There are some people who are not comfortable being naked, and that's ok too. It's a personal choice issue, in my mind any way, and it's great when you can meet people who also have no issue me, whether I'm dressed or not, and whether they're dressed or not. Certainly when naked hiking I experience a particular sense of peace and of freedom and it's nice when you can share that.

  4. Most of my experience this year with nudism is the effects it has on me mentally. I just recently started going to nude beaches this year and one of the things I noticed is that when I'm out there, it's the only place I don't need any external stimulation (video games, movies, etc.) and still have a good time. It's the only time I can really turn my brain off. I just recently moved out on my own so the fact that I don't have to worry about clothes at home is completely liberating to me.

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