Help! Busted my camera


Yesterday, I dropped my pocket camera [Canon PowerShot SX720HS] on the concrete floor, shattering the glass viewfinder.  It’s usable, but just barely.  Like one of the reviews said, the jpgs are a bit mushy.  I’m a fanatic about image sharpness, so this is a welcome, if inopportune, chance to upgrade my photo capabilities. Would love to hear recommendations for a new pocket camera.  I have had 2 Canon EOS SLRs, and managed to screw them up both by dropping on the ground or dripping sweat on them.  A pocket camera works best for me – it’s lighter and unobtrusive. I love the image quality and light gathering ability of the Apple iPhones, but I’m limited by their small image size.

Features I’m looking for:

  • High resolution in the printed product.
  • Ability to add a polarizing filter [not critical, but nice]
  • 20 to 25 megapixels
  • Rangefinder would be awesome.
  • Professional quality

If you can suggest a camera you use, I would be very grateful.  Please tell me what you like about your camera.  I’m not wedded to any manufacturer.


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