Honesty in relationships

Today I spent time at home. Hubby was home. I was naked. So what happened that I can now do this in his presence. I told him how it made me feel when he saw me naked and he told me to put some clothes. I think also that the fact I'd told him our marriage was over also sent him into shock. He's now listening to me and has acknowledge his part in the failure of our marriage. So to those of you who are living a life of lies etc, be honest and open in your relationships. Don't hold back if you're pissed off with something they've said and done. Holding how you feel without expressing it can lead to illness of many kinds. I know. I've been there.

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  1. Thank you for posting this Susan. I just posted my first blog. The first time I decided to go nude in the house, my wife, who works at home thought I was losing my mind. I will never forget the look LOL. She walked out of her office and was like WTF ! Oh !! hahahaha. There I was sitting in my Birthday suit on my towel in the sun of our living room. Priceless look. She was like, UMMMMMMM….why are you naked. I said I'm not naked, I'm unclothed. 😉

  2. I was never able to be naked at home, when my wife was at home. Her lip would curl up in a sneer if she saw me naked, (anywhere other than in the bathroom/bedroom).

    Even in the special garden pergola area I built (at her suggestion) for me to have somewhere "private" to be naked in, at home. Her lip still sneered at me when she saw me naked in that dedicated place.

    We're in the middle of our divorce proceedings now, after 25 years of marriage, (and much of it was very good). It's not a great place to be, but I am so glad that the sham is finally over.

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