House sitting thoughts

So while this has nothing to do with nudism, I just wish to express some thoughts.

I just spent about 4 days or so house sitting for some friends. And the entire time my only companions were 3 dogs, a pig, and an outdoor cat whom I never saw. Now, don't get me wrong I love animals; though I am more a cat person than a dog person; but they don't provide much in the way of conversation. I don't mind watching TV, or swimming in a pool yet I found I wanted a person to talk to or just have human contact.

Also, I have discovered that Bassett hounds are so very clingy, I am not a clingy person, I like my personal space. I am a loving person but I am not fond of people or animals being in my face, or having to lay on me or need constant attention. However, this hound just wanted to be RIGHT THERE! and that annoyed me. I have a lot of patience but it was tried.

Another thing, it is hard to sleep in someone else's house. I mean yes sleeping somewhere the first night is difficult because you are not used to the noises or the environment. But I had a hard time sleeping period. I kept expecting the dogs to wake me up to go out, or to go bark at something, or they would start to chew or lick themselves loudly; and unfortunately I have really good hearing; and I can't stand to hear this. Of course I could hear it better because they had to be in the same room as me while I slept.

I feel torn sometimes also. I really respect others property, and want to not leave a mess. I sometimes wonder 'should I clean the house? Vacuum, or wipe down everything. Should I try to do this or that? Are the animals okay to be here, or should I stop them from play fighting?' These are random thoughts that go through my head. I understand that dogs play fight or whatever for instinctual reasons, yet what if one dog hurts the other in a permanent way will I be blamed? I was left a note to leave one dog outside but I feel guilty letting the others in and not the one. I realize that the oldest dog is having back leg problems so doesn't get around well but she is so sweet. she actually seemed to get more energetic as the days passed, I wonder if I was a good influence or did she warm up to me. She tried to greet me often and get up and get petted and loved on. She wasn't pushy or anything but I could see her trying, so I would go over to her to save the walking.

I think part of that was because I would rub or scratch her back right above the tail, which is a hard place for dogs to reach and scratch properly, I wonder if she had a tightening that was relieved but the rub/scratching.

Anyway, I am rambling now so I am going to end this. But if you have any thoughts let me know. thanks.

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