How Can You Love All Nudists?

     "How can you love ALL nudists? After all, have you ever looked at some of them? All wrinkly and pudgy and scarred and … and … they're ugly … I mean, I prefer young, perfect bodies. Shouldn't everybody?"
     "Let's see if we can change that attitude. Look across the street at that beat-up old Chevy parked in front of the drug store and at the new Mercedes two cars behind it. Tell me which of their owners you would love more."
     "Now how am I supposed to tell you that unless I know them? After all, you can't judge a person by the car he drives."
     "Exactly right. But aren't you judging people by the shape and condition of their bodies?"
     "Uhhhh … that's different … isn't it?"
     "Is it? Tell me about yourself."
     "Well, I'm 31, I like to work out, I love classical music and science fiction and…"
     "That will do. Now look at your reflection in the window behind us. What do you see?"
     "I see myself, of course."
     "Wrong. You see an image of your physical self. Would anyone else seeing that reflection know that you are 31, that you work out, and that you enjoy classical music and science fiction?"
     "How could they if they don't know me?"
     "And you have just made my point. They would only know your physical appearance until they got to know you as a person. So going back to your original comment, until you actually meet the people who live in those wrinkly and pudgy and scarred bodies, isn't it judgmental to say that they are unlovable?"
     "I guess so, but…"
     "And why do you believe that you can only love 'beautiful' people with young, perfect bodies? What will they look like in ten or twenty or fifty years? They certainly won't be young and perfect any more. Would you reject them then?"
     "No, of course not."
     "And what would you think if when you're 50 or 60, young people avoided you because you were wrinkly and pudgy and scarred?"
     "It would hurt."
     "Let me give you a challenge. The next time you're at the club, instead of shunning those imperfect people, talk to them. Get to know the owners of those beat-up bodies. I think you'll find that they're a lot deeper and wiser than the hot twenty-somethings that you prefer. And if you meet enough of them, you might get to know the concert violinist and the science fiction author who are residents there. They own a couple of those wrinkled, pudgy, scarred bodies."
     "I didn't know THAT!"
     "Now's your chance to learn."
     "Okay, you're on! I'll see you there."

8 thoughts on “How Can You Love All Nudists?”

  1. a couple nights ago a bartender friend told me I was a distinguished Gentle man. I said no im just aging scooter trash with ideals that no longer seem important. I learned long ago to look at whats inside . Some of the most physically beautiful people i have met have such black spirits I wouldnt p….. on them if they were on fire.

  2. I love this blog, as i hate allmost any Mercedes (apart from the 300 sl Gullwing, but that has to do with my love for classic sportscars 🙂 ) And being a nudist doesn't make you a nice person per sé right? Maybe it is because i am a bit older as well (57) but eventhough i can appreciate a nice young body just as anybody else, i certainly prefer women with the scars of life and all the imperfections that go with it. Besides, not every body can be as perfect as mine 🙂

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