I did not choose nudism,she chose me.

Friends: If you had talked to me prior to the summer of 2013 about naturist nudist living being a lifestyle for me,you would've heard sarcastic derision!
That is,until I took the step into the unknown.
I was raised in a very strict English-American Puritanical tradition which was very disapproving of social nudity,or any nudity other than bedroom and bathroom nudity.
I used to be in contempt of nudists and thought them to be pathetic losers and sexually deviant.
Well,I was wrong! Imagine that!
I now think wearing clothes when there's no need for protection is the "abnormal" choice.
Feeling as if they are somehow good for us to wear all the time when they're not needed is no different than wearing a bandage when there is no wound.
Thanks for reading my brief story;more forthcoming!

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