I hate clothes…a rambling post…

I've always hated clothes. Always. Being the "accident" child as my father called me, I would get hand me down clothes that were 10 years out of style and very ill fitting.

As you may have noticed from my photos, I am not what you would call a well built individual. I was the runt of the litter. I've always been quite thin, my mother worried about me when I was young. Eventually she decided that's just the way I am.

I always thought I would grow up and get big like my friends…no, that wasn't meant to be. Physical education class in junior high was a nightmare, especially the shower scenes. My school ranged from just turned 13 like me, to 18 year old seniors. Imagine a boy that hasn't really gone through puberty, confused about sexuality and "under weight." Being naked in front of others did not help my self image.

I only took a shower twice and worked out excuses to get out of it. The teachers and coaches didn't care for me and would try to force me into activities that I just wasn't built for. Lot's of embarrassing moments for me, much to their amusement.

Luckily I made it through those classes and became an art major and no longer had to deal with phys ed class.

At that point in the late sixties, styles changed. Lucky for me, tight jeans were in style and I found one store about 30 miles away that carried pants with a 24" waist.I was saved at last! I fit in a little better with the other art students than the "normal" kids. Dressing in the hippie/mod way helped quite a bit.

I was still taunted with the skinny, skeleton, bone man, twigs, and those sorts of names, but I was growing immune to it.

Styles changed again, but I was still able to find a few things that fit fairly well. And I was still teased by coworkers about my size. I finally went though puberty, but was still a skinny 6' 1", 115 pound bean pole.

I still amazed at how rude strangers can be. I guess it's okay for folks to point out, sometimes loudly, how skinny I am. I would never do that to anyone else because I know how it feels.

People that know me like me for who I am, not how I'm built. Being with both men and women in my life has made me more comfortable with myself and more tolerant of others. I like the way I look, that's probably one of the reasons I like to post photos here, like everyone else.

I just went out to look for jeans for work. I tear through them quickly…too many sharp objects around! Hard to believe, but I've gained over 30 pounds since school. It took 40 years! Now it seems, I'm still behind the trend in America. Try finding a pair of 30 or 31 inch waist pants with a 32 inseam. Three malls later and I found TWO(!) pairs…and on sale. It's funny how even the "slim" cut jeans still look loose. Oh well. When I'm nude, my skin fits just fine.

Who needs clothes anyway?

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  1. My father considered himself an European gentleman (my words) and I was expected to always look my best. My parents always made sure everything fit well and I had suits and ties and shiny shoes. The whole thing annoyed me. I came to detest that I would be judged by what I wore and how I looked even though it was positive in my favor.
    Having just stated that for probably the first time I think it probably explains why I am always uncomfortable clothed and always "at home" nude.
    Hm. I can cancel that therapist appointment.

    • My mother worked in a women's fine dress dept. in a nice store and my dad worked part time in a men's suit store and they always were dressed in perfectly fitted clothes. Being the "accidental" child, my clothes were hand me downs from 10 years ago. "Tuck your shirt in! Pull up your socks! Your belt isn't straight!" I think our childhoods have affected our attitude towards wearing clothes.
      Yep, cancel that appointment!

  2. Clothes by themselves are not evil, it's the interpretation people made of them. Now, if you ever go to a nudist beach/resort, nobody will care whether you're too skinny or not, you're just whom you are…

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