It’s My Garden

This morning I was feeling a bit glum being back in the city, after spending the past days at the lake. I walked around the house naked doing some jobs. This house is quite cool, which is great during the height of summer, but a bit too cool sometimes. As I walked into the kitchen, which gets a lot of sun, a wave of warm air hit me. Outside the weather was great, but inside a bit too cold.

I have somebody who works for me in the garden, which cramps my style to say the least if I want to be naked outdoors at home. The front garden is visible from the street, but the back, where I grow some fruit and vegetables is more secluded. Well, today I made a decision. It’s my garden and my body. So I took some wicker furniture to a corner of the back yard under the trees, and let my worker know that I was going to work outside (with my computer) today to enjoy the heat.

I was already wearing nothing but shorts when I told him. He’s a nice guy and so as not to disturb my work, he kept to the front garden, which allowed me to sit naked in the sun in my own garden for the first time in this country. I could even do a bit of naked gardening, which really only consisted of looking at the plants.


So what changed for me today? Well, you only live once, and if I have to hide who I am and even my own body from the rest of the world, then something’s not quite right. And that’s what I think changed today. Not consciously really. But on some level, I reaffirmed my commitment to enjoy my short life as much as possible. And today that meant being naked in the garden.


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