Less than worthy of the title

This isn't really a blog about anything other than how I'm super-psyched about going to NakedFest next month. A mere 30 days away.

First; after my experiences with the men of Naked-MN, I'm trying to imagine what it would be like to live nude for an entire week. A whole afternoon around a pool leaves me exhausted from all the excitement of chatting, meeting new men, and just being in a general state of overdrive in the Upper-Midwast sunshine (got lucky with the weather so far). I may actually faint by day three.

Second; it's one thing to be a home nudist over the weekend and never done a single stitch, but to go an entire week sleeping nude, playing nude, and socializing nude is a whole other level. I have a hard enough time making my work clothes fit right on Monday morning – what will I do when I have to get back on the plane.

Finally, number three; I've never flown before. Basically, that's because I've never gone anywhere far enough away from home to warrant faster transportation than speeds allowed on the interstates. That experience alone will warrent a blog post or two.

I plan to pack not only my smarter-than-me-phone but also my tablet so I can post my adventure as I live it… maybe even some photos should anyone promise not to drop the camera (I wouldn't be able to afford to replace any of my devices). The Tedium Treatise is the place to watch, even before August 2nd since I will most likely bore all my friends by then with babble of my vacation.


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