Light from above

I was amazed by this photo when I saw it on the monitor. The first words I thought were, “mystical Light”. It’s still the same cherry tree from a few days ago but seen in this light: the feeling is that it was itself full of light, from the inside. The sun had just risen behind the hill; the air was cool (about 10°). The forms were animated by the light because the light gave a particular dynamism to the forms dialoguing with the shadows. One day or another, I’ll understand something about myself naked next to the cherry tree in bloom. For now, I thought it would be nice to fix this image in a photograph.


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  1. Thank you very much, Ján, for your likes. I notice that my photographs speak to me of another world: maybe it’s just a mental representation of mine, and I’m used to saying that “everyone comes into the world according to what he knows about the world”. The three Wise Men returned from Bethlehem “per aliam viam” (Mattheus 2.12): nature and considering myself “natural” made me see this “other way”: I didn’t learn it from books, from television, from social media. It is my own thing, I had discovered another myself, with the adrenaline that always runs through my body when I translate in practice an impulse. And I am convinced that everyone has this “aliam viam” in themselves. Getting naked is like walking through a door.

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