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    Vittorio Volpi - "@marqusi Benvenuto Marqus. Qualche anno fa mi ricordo di aver visto delle bellissime fotografie tue. Vedo che la siccità non vi ha risparmiato… A presto, Vittorio"View
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    Thomas Wayne - "@learningtolovebelindaroseyahoo-com Great to see you back around. What state or country to you live in"View
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    Naked Driver - "a 240-mile/400km pants-down drive on sat. i had a meeting to go to. the event took less time than to drive thereto! i did get in a nice run after the meeting but before i left for home, and drove on a very short new highway."View
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    John - "I received an honorable mention in a Great Divide Trail (GDT) through hikers blog from last summer. My hiking buddy only spotted the item recently. “I met my first extreme-ultra lighter, a young man day hiking in […]"View
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    Senvestulo - "I’ve wanted to see a map of naturist places for a while. I’ve consulted several naturist websites, and put out a “Google MyMap” with this info. This is early, in software terms it’s an alpha release. Please le […]"View
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    DTS - "I just want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, to all who are celebrating during this season."View
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    Kevin - "@beejee33xgmail-com HI Jake, I’m visiting the Van Tan Cub this week. Check it out sometime,"View
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    Happy Harold - "@alizaidiarts Love your site. Beautiful images and philosophy."View
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    Dick Miller - "@adri-en-miranda I love your pictures and the way they capture where you are. Composed very well."View
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    Warwick Harris - "Home again, at least for a while, after considerable travelling and time to reconnect with friends."View
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    Mikelo Koraketo - "Looks like I created this account, then forgot it existed. I want to ride in the WNBR by 2022. Hopefully, Chicago 2021 will work out for me, but I have to lose some weight to be able to cycle safely, or get a […]"View
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