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    Pasis - "Hi, I’m going in mid-July for a couple of days in Oslo. Is there any place in Oslo where I could visit naked; beach, park, spa?"View
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    Vittorio Volpi - "@profile-11872 Danke Dir. Glücklich DIch wieder zu sehen.Grüße an Katherine"View
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    Kevin - "I came across this yesterday and thought I’d spread the news."View
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    Bepa Ball - "Let the flag with the Naturist symbol proudly fly in the wind! Source:"View
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    Jim - "Sun shining through the window nice and warm so striped off and enjoying some nude time."View
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    Richard Foley (richinud) - "Truly awesome, and in the middle of summer an adventure to remember! (y)"View
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    Jacques Marie FRANCILLON - "I have blogged the report of the naked hiking week in the Cantal, region of the Massif Central in France."View
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    Marc - "@richinud please help! There may be some security issues that allowed spammers to enter."View
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    Gary Cooper - "Wonderful picture"View
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    SPI Maker - "Right to be Publicly Naked: A Defence of Nudism Somewhat lengthy, legalistic argument for the right to be naked in public. Very well written."View
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    Les - "How good is that, the outdoor shower, so good to wash down after working in the garden. Every home should have one."View
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    Patriot - "The only way to sleep comfortably. The only way to sleep comfortably."View
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    Mark Evans - "@paolocastelli hi, thanks for the friend request. Hope you enjoy the site."View
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    Carlos A. Ahumada - "@marillionfan66 Thank you Tracy for accepting my friend request.."View
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    Kieran - "**A brief history of naturism, according to Kieran 🙂 ** Organised naturism has been around since the early 20th century. However two world wars combined with the influence of the church meant that naturism […]"View
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