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    Vittorio Volpi - "Yesterday I saw the film “Go Trabi go” (Zdf-Neo). There is a funny scene (from min. 27:17 – 30:25) with nudists. The river is the Isar near Munich. The film is availabre on YouTube […]"View
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    Sam I. Yem - "Are inbox messages going to be migrated to the new layout or are they gone for good?"View
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    Bepa Ball - "Paper Protection In the United States, there are many various laws add-dressing nudity. Sometime they are so vague as to be misinterpreted by authorities. One solution to the outright fear, or trepidation that […]"View
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    Jacques Marie FRANCILLON - "I updated my blog with the story of my last outing to Le Quigouret on Tuesday, January 19th:"View
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    Roger Ritter - "It looks better on a sunny day with lots of people. I’m sure you can’t wait for summer to return!"View
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    Naktiv Admins - "@seethas51186 Post a profile photo without the face blanked out, or it will be removed. Please do not post the blank face photo again. Thank you."View
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    luis afonso - "@profile-7079 hello José. Are you still here on Naktiv?"View
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    Marc - "@richinud please help! There may be some security issues that allowed spammers to enter."View
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    Pasis - "Hi, I’m going in mid-July for a couple of days in Oslo. Is there any place in Oslo where I could visit naked; beach, park, spa?"View
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    Brian Taylor - "@ihti-andr Hi Andrei, thanks for the friend request and welcome to Naktiv. When I saw that you are in Trier, I was reminded of the exchange student we had, some years ago now, for my eldest daughter when she was […]"View
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    Billx - "I am just getting into the comfort of putting my naked body online. If the site is comfortable I have no problem doing that"View
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    Johnnie Jamison - "Beauty from head to feet"View
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    John Cooper - "You are a beautiful lady lovely pictures."View
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    Pat Rick - "beautiful"View
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    Roger Smith - "Out swimming again in my favourite costume again but I must remember not to take it off in case I get arrested for exposing my skeleton"View
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    Kieran - "**A brief history of naturism, according to Kieran 🙂 ** Organised naturism has been around since the early 20th century. However two world wars combined with the influence of the church meant that naturism […]"View
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