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CottonlessJoe is Cottonless Married fella. Got four kids. All live in a clothing optional household. Live in Sydney, Australia. I no longer work due to Movement Disorders so I am home a lot. I use the internet a lot to take up time where I watch videos, write a blog, create Youtube videos and do other things as my body and concentration allows me. My Youtube Channels are; TheNakedWombat & NakedWombatStuff TheNakedWombat is basically silly stuff which isn't to be taken seriously. It started out doing whatever and has developed as videos of where I get to be an idiot. NakedWombatStuff is my later channel which I created to separate the content so there is a family friendly channel. This is the family friendly of family stuff such as taste testing and some vlogging, including the occasional discussion on a social issue. We have a Clothing Optional Household. Our youngest two children were always naked at home when we lived in Rockhampton, Queensland, especially playing in the backyard but due to a neighbour or two and mongrel Police Officers, they barely remove their clothing and fear the Police now. They are aged 10 and 9 this year in 2013 when their birthdays rock up. I use to have a family naturist blog called, Diary of a Naked Wombat. I closed it when I found sex websites taking innocent photos of my children and posting them on their pages. Just as well I never showed enough to identify them.

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Large range of music from classical through to hard rock and differing metal genres.


Creating Youtube videos. I would love to collect chess boards. I have a very small Vegemite collection. Wearing the clothing I was born with. Nature, ecology, animals, spiders, Youtube, internet, naturism, good comedies.




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