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December 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

I have been an active nudist for nearly 3 years.  I live in South East Queensland, in Australia.    Love the lifestyle and have met some really great folk.   Am a member of various online groups, but particularly active in Aussie Naturists.

I have had a naturist blog on Tumblr until recently, titled DAVENATURAL…….which is my title here on this site………. with the changes in their rules of what is acceptable…. I would like to continue to represent naturism/nudism in the public space of social media in the correct light……. ie non sexual nudity.

I believe that nudism is beneficial to me personally, both from a physical and mental health perspective and just great to experience.  It is a grave pity that generally it is seen in a negative light by the wider [textile] public…  who generally cannot differentiate sexual nudity from non sexual nudity

Look forward to interacting with others on this forum