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    luis afonso - "@patrick-t how are you, Patrick? Don’t hear any news from you. Hope you are fine!"
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    Brian Taylor - "@mrmurrayclarkhotmail-com thanks for the friend request, although communication is very restricted on Naktiv, so I don’t visit often anymore. It is good for blogging though. Cheers, Brian"
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    Bepa Ball - "An interesting Video I found on Youtube: **Unveiling a Naturist Lifestyle: Breaking Stigmas and Finding Freedom** By Francesca Bliss Art & Photography, 19.01.2024 Katie Ospina who lives in Sunsport Gardens Family […]" View
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    Peter B - "Any one else subscribe to Naturist Life Magazine, from Shabden Leisure. I find it a great read, very different from H&E. This is the link Might be worth a look!"
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    Vittorio Volpi - "A recent bill would like to punish obscene acts and simple nudity with imprisonment. The proposal is by the deputy foreign minister of the Fratelli d’Italia party (now in power with Prime Minister […]" View
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    Jim - "Sun shining through the window nice and warm so striped off and enjoying some nude time."
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    Kieran - "Hi Folks just had a new book “The Politics of Sex” published on Amazon: The main theme of the book explores the dubious relationship between organised religion and state […]" View
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    Radio Loborl - "Hi guys, I would like to give you a topic of discussion: What do you think about the fact that in nudist camps there is an OBLIGATION of nudity? Do not think that it is a deterrent for those who would like to try, […]" View
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    pvct - "Impressive collection of hiking photos. Do you usually hike alone?"
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    Lars Smith - "Great guy"
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    Santiago C. - "@michalwolny222gmail-com Thank you for being my friend, glad to be in touch"
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    Roger Smith - "Out swimming again in my favourite costume again but I must remember not to take it off in case I get arrested for exposing my skeleton"
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    R Rhumbal - "@born_naked Thanks very much for adding me. Great images!"
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    Eran Moray - "Nice view."
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    Eric V - "Awesome pic! Thanks for sharing — love the perspective"
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