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Laundry Day

December 7, 2022 in Lifestyle, Naktiv

During summer the need for laundry days are limited. But now, during winter and working period, it’s of course needed from time to time. Today I booked the laundry room in my house of flats, with two efficient machines. So why not wash also the clothes I was wearing on my way to the laundry room? Gave me some waiting time in the warm room, comfortably naked. 🙂

Laundry morning

Laundry morning

Illustration only

Finding a naturist flat mate

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Photos from the flat sharing time were few and they have disappeared. The vintage photo is only an eyecatcher.

Finding a naturist flat mate

A big change in my life was approaching – moving from home at the countryside to a for me unknown big university town. My university studies were about to start. From senior high school studies with very structured schedules to the freedom at university. From the safe environment with the parents to freedom, but also responsibility and uncertainty. 

I knew what to study, I was already registered for studies in economics. But where to find a place to live? It was a shortage of student rooms, might get that after some months of queueing. But until then? Luckily I came to talk about my struggles with one of my cousins  and we directly found out that we were about to move to the same city! His family, my uncle and aunt and their three children; my cousins; lived in a small town not so far from us. We used to meet fairly often, even going on holiday together to naturist resorts, since they were also naturists like my family. 

My cousin Tomas and I are born the same year and were like raised together, really buddies. So we looked forward to find a flat to share. That might be easier than getting a student room. So we started advertising in the local newspaper in the university town and of course checking ads from people renting out flats. This was in the 1970’s, before the internet era, so it was not as easy as today to match supply and demand!

The supply of two bedroom flats was limited! After a while we found a nice place, but it was a three bedroom flat….we needed only two rooms. Now we had to find a third flat mate! Tomas and I realised that we really wanted to stick to our naturist habits, could we find another naturist?? How to deal with that? Where to search for a naturist? Or just finding a decent guy that could accept the flat as a clothes free zone. It was anyway a time when many people were openminded and freethinking. Especially young people. It should not be impossible! 

We came to the university city, found the flat and the flat owner, signed our contract, moved in with our few things (the flat was fully furnished) and found ourselves standing in the small living room being very pleased! Just one thing was wrong – we still had clothes on! 

”We must declare this flat as a clothes free zone”, Tomas bursted! Of course, we got rid of our clothes and felt more free than ever. Moving from home, now in a big city, in a flat, and so satisfied with being nude again! It was a relief for sure.

Now we could start hunting for a third person! 

”Let’s go out and have dinner at a restaurant and celebrate”, I said to Tomas. He agreed, so we had to get dressed again and found our way to the city center area. A lot of restaurant were to be found, we checked around at the menues at display at the entrances. After a while we were so hungry and impatient that we agreed ”let’s take the next, regardless of menu!” We went in at a place that fortunately looked fairly nice and there were several other young people around as guests. We soon learned that it was a popular meeting place for students. We were invited to join in for coffee and drinks among a bunch of guests after we’ve had our meal. Lot of nice people from around the same area far from the university town, they were members in the same student club. We talked about many things and suddenly our issue of finding a third flatmate was in focus. ”I for sure need a place to crash” said a guy. He looked nice and expectant. Tomas and I looked at each other and we knew we both agreed to talk more in detail with the guy. His name was Johan. I thought it was the best to be open directly with him about our special requirement, that the flat should be a clothesfree zone. I’ve been very open with my naturism since high school, when I had a presentation about naturism and so to say outed myself as nudist.

”Well Johan, have to tell you one important thing already from start – both Tomas and I are active naturists, so the flat is a clothesfree zone.” I stated. Johan got a little puzzled but mainly excited and interested, he looked at me and Tomas and said ”Gosh, sounds exciting to me, tell me more!”  The others around could of course follow our conversation, but there were no negative comments. More of curious questions and supportive statements. ”I’ve heared a lot about it, but never dared to try.” ”Some relatives are naturists, I’ve always been curious about it”, ”I like skinny dipping”, ”Isn’t it much about to be in line with the nature?”…..many questions flew around. So Tomas and I told about the way we were brought up, in naturist families. Nudity as something for us fully natural and normal. Not connected as such with sex, even if we of course also like sex as all humans. We talked about the free feeling when hiking a sunny day, followed by a cooling swim somewhere in a lake in the forest. 

I noticed that Johan, the guy interested in sharing our flat, seemed to have mixed feelings. Really interested but something made him frustrated. I turned to him and asked if he wanted to check the flat and the room that he could hire. He didn’t hesitate at all, just agreed that he would really appreciate the opportunity. So after saying good bye to the others and sharing adress and telephone numbers, we went to the flat, me, Tomas and Johan. 

As we came to the flat we showed Johan around, the kitchen, the living room and of course the room that could be his. In order not to stress him we didn’t take of our clothes as would be the normal for me and Tomas. ”I think it would be amazing to live here” said Johan and continued shyly ”but I must tell you one thing – I’m a homosexual guy.” He looked so scared when he had disclosed this fact, both Tomas and I felt so sorry for him. I just gave Johan a long, big hug and said that he was even more welcome as our flat mate now, since he had dared to be open with us, shown his vulnerabitily. Tomas also gave Johan a big, welcoming hug. ”OK guys” I said ”now I just HAVE to get back to normal, clothes off!” With that I undressed, Tomas too but also Johan with only a little hesitation. So there we were, three nude flatmates. ”I’m so happy” said Johan ”and so grateful that this opportunity by coincidence came in my way”. We sat down and talked until late, getting to know our new fellow Johan better, and he us. It was a good start for our flat sharing, that lasted in almost three years. More about that later.

Fake art

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It’s easy today to convert photos to something that looks more like a piece of art. There are several options, different apps or programs that could be used. The functions in those apps can of course not replace the work of artists, painters, and their way of interpreting a motive or giving us new views of reality. But it’s anyway fun to see how a photo can give some different impressions when experimenting with the options in an app. The original photo was taken in the garden at my countryside house. I’m not sure which one is the best.😊

(sorry for the shoes..😅)

Art in garden 1

Art in garden 2

Art in garden 3

Art in garden 4

Art in garden 5

Art in garden 6

The Nude Painter

Painting nude

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The Nude Painter The Nude Painter

Many angles

There are many details that we don’t notice until there is a special reason. This summer I’ve got to study the many parts of a window, well not the actual window but where the window is placed, the window connections. There are for sure many angles and details to take care of when scraping to get rid of old paint, then painting all these details. Not once, but three times very carefully, this time using linseed based paint. High quality of the paint and – even more important – a high quality brush, made all the work somewhat easier. But it’s taken many hours. Ten windows means twenty window opening halves. Every half took around half an hour, so 20 (halves) x 0,5 (hours) x 3 (times painting every half) = 30 hours this summer spent with paint and brush! 

Luckily I’ve been able to do all the work without getting any paint stains at my clothes…😆  thanks to the working gear!

Nudity in a theatre play

June 10, 2019 in Uncategorized

(Illustration only)

During my last year in high school we had a series of activities in school highlighting important values to be followed in our school. Responsibility, respect and understanding, awarness of differences; human rights in short. All this was initated by a local group of the United Nations Friendship Organisation. One of the activities included writing essays about school situations related to the main topics. It was no surprise that several essays brought up aspects around bullying. 

The school had a drama group, organised and guided by a very dedicated litterature teacher. He came up with the idea to dramatize some of the essays about bullying, as a way to really impose the messages against the phenomena. 

I was a member in the drama group and got involved in the work how to transform from essays to drama and dialogue. Me and two other guys picked up the theme from one essay about some locker room incident. Locker room – very much a place for intended or non-intended bullying! It’s a place where you are vulnerable, a place where many nasty comments fly around, disparaging attitudes revealed. 

So we composed a small locker room drama with the intended message that no one should be taunt or pesterd about their looks, about their bodies. It was natural to have that as a theme being in a locker room. The drama was enacted after a basket ball match, some follow up talk, undressing and heading to the showers. The set up was very outspoken, this was in the early 1970’s, an in general very openminded period. We undressed during talking and acting, I and the other guys got fully nude. It was a little jittery at the first rehearsals, but we soon didn’t care. For me as raised nudist it was no big deal being nude in front of others and I had recently had an essay presentation in my class about naturism and body issues, so I had so to say outed myself as naturist. But it took some energy for the two other guys to get comfortable with it, even if they had volunteered and found it exciting. I invited them home so they could get some training in being nude together with other nudes. Pretty soon they were like well experienced nudist! 

The premier day for the dramas came closer. We had three different small dramas, ours about the locker room was one of them. Since our drama might cause some sensation and excitement our part was the last of the three. The first one was among a group of girls, the second both girls and boys involved and then our with guys only. So gender balance in total! Our drama leader was aware of those aspects, that was good.

The two first dramas were well recieved, with some thoughtful reactions and comments made after each one of them. That was the set up, first the drama, then some time open for comments and quick reactions. 

Now our drama. On the stadge some hangers and a bench. A screen that looked like a tile wall, givning the impression of showers on the other side. We came in, talking about the basket match and the situations, started to undress as you do in a locker room; shoes, sox, shirt and shorts, which left only briefs. We came into the sensitive comments about bodies, desired effects of training, advantages of being tall or short due to different types of sports. Then we also without any further comments took of our breifs and were on display fully nude. There was a clear rush through the audience, wispering comments. We could sense and hear it, but we were prepared, that was our intention! 

We did of course look different the three guys acting! I was medium long, short hair on my head, already somewhat hairy on my chest, medium penis. One of the other guys was shorter, very well defined muscles, well trained, almost no body hair, and a longer penis. The third was longer than me, tall, slim but not specificly well trained, some body hair, but very hairy legs. It was part of the play to make a point of this, our differences in appearence, but ending up in the similarities. We look the same, but come in different models. 

The small drama was very well recieved, long and strong appleauses, many comments, lot of appreciation. It was encouraging to get all this positive energy! We stayed nude during the follow up session with all the comments, it felt natural. 

We gave those dramas several times, both for many in the school, but also open for anyone. Mostly parents and relatives of the theatre group attended, but also others since info about the spectacular third drama piece was spread around.

Of course we got some fun comments from school mates, but almost none negitive, more of admiration, that we dared. Our performance became a popular taking piece for quite a while, which was what we had intended. It did set some vaules, our message came through.

This was long before digital cameras and mobile phones, so unfortunately there was few photos taken and the photos I had got lost somewhere. 


Jogging in the buff

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Years ago when I was regularly taking jogging tours, I usually did that early in the mornings. Is was a jogging track close to the villa where we lived at that time so I could jogg directly from home to the track. When at the track, which was mostly in a forest with some slopes and around fields, and no people, I took off the shirt and the shorts and ran fully nude! Well I kept the shoes. It was such a joy, such a marvellous feeling. Early morning, birds singing, sun rising, trees rushing, hardly any noise from the nearby city. I could also admire the huge piece of art that was placed close to the start of the track. It’s called ”Signs”, the artist is Lenny Clarhäll.

Happened from time to time that I met someone, but that was rare. Casued no problem, more of surprised comments if any. It was one of the advantages of living in an area of the city which is close both to the city and to forest and fields.

At that time, in the 1990s, I had not heard of Nakukymppi in Finland. The first race there was in  2003, so understandable! Nakukymppi is a nude sport event in Finland held in the municipality of Padasjoki one week before Midsummer every year. The idea is to run or walk 10 kilometres naked. Participants wear only shoes, socks and headwear. It has been held annually since 2003. It usually draws about 100 to 150 participants, at least 20% women. Many of the participants are naturists.

It’s my intention to participate in the race at least once, but the usual time for it, mid June, is normally for me so busy with work.





Detail from recent sketch

Modeling for art classes

May 28, 2019 in Uncategorized

After my so to say coming out in school, in my class at first, as nudist, that fact soon spread among both pupils and teachers. It gave inspiration to the drawing teacher to ask if I could model for sketching training groups. That was not for school classes, but for interested people attending evening courses, amateurs with scills they wanted to develop. So when the teacher having arts classes asked if i could be a model for the sketching training I accepted. I was not yet 18, so I was asked by the drawing techer to get a clear permission from my parents. For us being naturists it was no big deal, so for my parents it was OK.

The teacher had recruited two other new models, so it was handy that he invited us new,  unexperienced models to an introduction meeting. We gathered in the atelier where the drawing classes were held, so we would be familiar with the room, facilities including a kitchenett for making coffee, restrooms and a little more private corner of the room where us models could spend our breaks. There were also hangers for our clothes. 

The teacher was in fact very kind and made us feel less worried about our coming model ”career”.  He was very clear that is was a serious context, he told about different traditions and technics, what pencils and paper that was used and such. He was also explaining about the different types och sketching that was done, that the time we had to keep same position would be different. A lot to learn and remember, but he made us feel comfortable with our coming task.

Anyway, the premier day for modeling arrived! We were two models this evening, me and a lady. She was experienced and encouraged me that it would be OK for me, that was her impression when we undressed. I told her that nudity was no issue for me, it was more the odd thing to keep the same position for so long that worried me. You’ll learn, it’s not that bad, she said. I hoped she was right.

Oki, my turn at the small stadge! I was instructed to sit at a plain chair, the teacher arranged my body, legs, arms and head…there we go! I tried to find a spot to rest my eyes on, avoiding to look around. There were fifhteen persons intensly looking at my body, and transforming their glances and observations through their eyes, processed in the brain and then ”instructing” their arms, hands and the fingers holding the pens into pieces of art! 

Keeping the same position for only five minutes seemed first time to be veeeery long! I was happy when I could take a break and let lose, moving all parts of my body freely. The teacher gave me as un-experienced a short session in the beginning. The scilled lady had longer sessions, she was very good!   

I realised that it was in fact fun! Being nude is easy and now in addition getting paid for it! I was very comfortable being nude among dressed people, the roles were clear. 

Not at least it was exciting to see how different they interpreted ME into a sketch! That was the most thrilling of all.

It was popular with a younger model, I was 17 at the time. The other models were mostly much older, so the drawing puils appreciated me coming in giving a mix of ages. It’s different challenges with different bodies.

The drawing teacher had a bunch of people in his, well let’s call it collection of models. Different ages, small, tall, skinny, big. Next time I was modeling the other model was also a male, I didn’t notice first but it was in fact one of the math teachers from school! He recognised me and said it was nice to meet in a somewhat odd way outside school. Well, nether of us had any problems with it, we undressed both of us and continued to chat until it was time for modeling sessions. 

At times it might occur effects that for a male model that is very obvious, I mean getting a boner. That’s one of the aspects we taked about at model meetings. But it’s a natural reaction, just don’t care.

I admit it happened for me several times, I mean being 17, hormones still raging around and more often horny than not…  First time I got a little worried, but got used to it. The teacher brought it up for the class in order to clear it out, since it was something very obvious. He said that live models are in fact live! No one should be upset or embarrassed. In fact it was also appreciated, gave the pupils a possibility to draw also an erected penis. The situation was handled serious and with a good artistic outcome.

I realised that sketching in a good way takes a lot of training. But I could after some sessions also see the scills developing, giving better results, more artistic sketches. It was my impression from my point of view, just checking the sketching results briefly. 

Modeling in a good way also took some training! Learning how to relax at the same time you have to keep the same body position for longer periods. You also have to be totally comfortable showing yourself in various poses. I continued for a while, left it some years and took it up again during university years.

Exposed in school – coming out as naturist

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Could have been me while preparing
Could have been me while preparing

There are different ways to get more open and accepted as naturist, even promoting the life style. I remember from high school years writing about the theme when fulfilling an individual project work, where we were requested to elaborate over some type of potentially sensitive topic. We were free to choose, but it should be about a tricky issue of some kind. I got the idea to dig further into aspects that for me was no big deal since raised in a naturist family,  but for most others is sensitive: about nudity, body freedom and shyness/shame/no-shame. 

It was an interesting task and gave several good experiences and knowledge about search methods, how to structure a topic, to write and re-write, edit, limitations, vokabulary and more like that. This was long time ago, so no internet available, no mobile phones, no digital cameras (so no photo from the time). Fortunately I found books of different kinds in the school library, but had to search also at the city library. In addition the leader of the local naturist club could provide some valuable information and experiences. 

But not only method experiences of of course, most important was of course to get a deeper understanding of the values of naturism! The values and the history behind, and how the attitudes regarding nudity have been during different ages through history. I was, as one example, thrilled reading about the ancient olympic games where the athletes competed nude! 

I was a little nervous when the day for my presentation came closer. How would it be recieved by my class mates and the teacher? I checked the content of my paper and the way I planned to present it with my parents. They encouraged me, gave good advices how to deal with some of the topics. 

Anyway, the day for the presentation arrived! I had 15 minutes to use, maximum 10 minutes for the presentation and then minimum 5 minutes for questions, response, discussion. I managed to describe the topic, facts and my elaboration, in not much less than 10 minutes. It was some giggeling when I told the topic, but the class soon realised that it in fact was a serious topic. We had very intense discussions in the class after my presentation, about body images, what’s the general attitudes to different body types, the sexualisation of the female body, body builder ideal for males and thoughs like that. The teacher forgot the time limits, so we continued the rest of time for the lesson. The presentations scheduled after mine had to be postponed to next lesson.

It was of course  after my presentation fully clear for all in my class that I was a naturist. It was like coming out as naturist! 😊

It could be a risk to be bullied for being naturist, but that can be more in question if it’s something that gets revealed. But in my case I told openly myself, so what was there more to expose? In fact I got hardly any negative comments. More of the opposite about being brave. It was more of appreciation about bringing up a topic that many had issues with, uncomfortable with their bodies. Too big, too small, too long, too short, too skinny, too small tits, too big tits and so on. 

The biology teacher in cooperation with colleagues later in the semester even arranged a special day regarding gender issues, body images and attitudes, how we express ourselves, the jargon among guys, among girls and in between. 

I’m in touch with only a few of my former class mates from this time, but it happens that some of them still bring it up, that they still remember my presentation about naturism and all the awareness it gave about sensitive issues.

I might add that my presentation was approved by the teacher! 😊

Working at home

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I have the possibility to do a lot at home of the reading and writing connected with my assignments. Some days starts early for travelling to business meetings, some days are spent at home. Relaxed clothes code of course since the the boss (that’s me 😉) is in favour of naturism. It’s seldom Skype meetings with cam, mostly mobile calls, and then it doesn’t matter where you are or how you are dressed or more often not. Short video greeting added here:—> Coffee break

Favourable destiny?

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Similar beach…

I remember one special holiday during young years, some time in the 1960’s. Our family; mum, dad, me and my brother; had hired a cottage somewhere at the west coast of Sweden, where the achipelago is marvellous and the water clear and salty. From time to time too much of jellyfish, but we could handle it. 

Together with us we should have some of my mum and dads best friends, a couple with three kids, two girl and a boy. We had met them many times, they’ve visited us and we them, including sleepover since they lived at a long distance. So we were familiar with them, us kids around same ages, mid teen, youngsters. Now we were going to spend some time together in a lodge at the sea.

We had a long drive to come there, but it was oki. The day was not so hot fortunately, since at that time air conditioning was not standard in cars. We anyway took off from the main road a while, stopping at a small lake where it was possible to swim. 

  • Take care boys, no diving into the water, mum warned us.

I had only a pair of shorts and a tshirt on, same with my brother. 

  • It’s no one else here so you can swim as usual, dad mentioned.

That meant we could skinny dip as we were used to. Both me and my brother quickly got rid of the clothes and ran into the water. Mum and dad were not far behind, of course skinny dipping too. It was for sure a relief to splash around in the refreshing water after being ”locked in” in a warm car for some hours. We swam around for a while, but could not stay long, it was only a break during the long journey.

As we were about to end swimming a car arrived. My brother and I didn’t notice, we were into a water war! But dad yelled ”Some others are coming” so we stopped playing and looked around. Out from the car came another family, obviously a mum, a dad and three kids, around same age as me and my brother. We were not concerned or shy, since we were used to nudity, but how would the other family react? Dad just took the lead and said

  • It sure is a nice day for swimming, the water is not cold.
  • Nice to hear, we also wanted to refresh with a dip, said the mum, come on guys, rush into the water, she added to the three kids.

All of them quickly got naked too, like us, without hesitation. 

  • So you’re also nudists? Mum asked.
  • For sure, that’s our way of living, said the other dad. 
  • What a coincidence that we meet here then, us being nudists since long, mum replied. 

We extended our stay so we got the opportunity to play in the water and at the beach with the two boys and one girl in the other family. They told us that the girl was 14, one boy 16 and the other brother 13. I was 15 at the time, my brother 12. We had a good time for a while, until our parents had to call us in from the water, the trip had to continue. Addresses and phone numbers were exchanged, we all wanted to meet again since we got along so well! This was long BM, ”before mobile” and BI, before Internet. Communication took long time, but we managed anyway. We met the other family several times during the years, I’m still in touch with them. 

Fun that such a random meeting could happen, but the destiny is sometimes gracious to us!

Late in the evening we arrived to the lodge at the seaside. But that’ll be next chapter of the story.

Gardening season ahead

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Coffee break
At the porch
The cat also takes a break

This Easter has so far given good opportunities for work in the garden. There is always so much to do, all sorts of ”garden cleaning”, removing old stuff in order to prepare for the amazing growing season. Tiny plants that look almost dead gets encouraged to grow, to develop their built-in desire to become beautiful flowers. Still too early in our fairly cold climate for bright and big flowers, but crocus and winter anemones are here now.

Some breaks are needed, using the main porch. Lovely in the sun there.

Early start of dipping season

April 17, 2019 in Uncategorized

A fairly warm day end of March became starting point for this years dipping season in the creek in the garden. I was warm from hard work in the garden, so wanted to cool off. And sure did! The water temperature, which I checked after my dip, was +4 Celsius. No long swimming, which anyway is not possible in the creek, but for sure refreshing.

Springtime in February!

February 24, 2019 in Uncategorized

February in Sweden is usually VERY cold, often around -10 and many days down to -20 (Celsius = -4F).
But this year the heavy snow that fell in January and early February has melted away, since it’s like springtime, like early April. Today I had a good time in the sun at my balcony, reading in comfortable +24 (=F75)!
So starting the outdoor season for nudism early this year.

Locker room

February 15, 2019 in Uncategorized

As a regular at a training centre with gym and group training classes I’m frequent in locker rooms. It’s interesting to see the differences in behaviour regarding nudity. Too many seem to have such issues regarding nudity, even showering in their underwear! Others don’t care, walking from locker to shower and sauna fully nude.

Must be depressing beeing so fearful about nudity in front of others.


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Well, why not arrange to be verfied I thought and so I did! Did not take long to get the verification. I’m a serious, life-long naturist, actively networking with other naturist all over the world. Open for new contacts, as well as keeping up with old friends.
Working at home until lunchtime today, great to have a very informal clothes code during working hours at home – no clothes at all of course! 🙂
Outside it’s winter, snow and some degrees under the freezing point, January and February are long, dark and cold here. But more and more of daylight makes it somewhat easier after the darkest December.

Nudism in wintertime

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In Sweden, where I live, the winter is no good for outdoor nudism. When it’s like -10 Celsius it’s in fact too cold. This year we have a fairly much snow, so the landscape is beautiful though.
But indoors, in the warm house or in the flat, it’s comfortable to be nude as usually.
Looking forward to coming summer, to the garden, to the nearby nudist beaches…

In the kitchen

New Report