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After my so to say coming out in school, in my class at first, as nudist, that fact soon spread among both pupils and teachers. It gave inspiration to the drawing teacher to ask if I could model for sketching training groups. That was not for school classes, but for interested people attending evening courses, amateurs with scills they wanted to develop. So when the teacher having arts classes asked if i could be a model for the sketching training I accepted. I was not yet 18, so I was asked by the drawing techer to get a clear permission from my parents. For us being naturists it was no big deal, so for my parents it was OK.

The teacher had recruited two other new models, so it was handy that he invited us new,  unexperienced models to an introduction meeting. We gathered in the atelier where the drawing classes were held, so we would be familiar with the room, facilities including a kitchenett for making coffee, restrooms and a little more private corner of the room where us models could spend our breaks. There were also hangers for our clothes. 

The teacher was in fact very kind and made us feel less worried about our coming model ”career”.  He was very clear that is was a serious context, he told about different traditions and technics, what pencils and paper that was used and such. He was also explaining about the different types och sketching that was done, that the time we had to keep same position would be different. A lot to learn and remember, but he made us feel comfortable with our coming task.

Anyway, the premier day for modeling arrived! We were two models this evening, me and a lady. She was experienced and encouraged me that it would be OK for me, that was her impression when we undressed. I told her that nudity was no issue for me, it was more the odd thing to keep the same position for so long that worried me. You’ll learn, it’s not that bad, she said. I hoped she was right.

Oki, my turn at the small stadge! I was instructed to sit at a plain chair, the teacher arranged my body, legs, arms and head…there we go! I tried to find a spot to rest my eyes on, avoiding to look around. There were fifhteen persons intensly looking at my body, and transforming their glances and observations through their eyes, processed in the brain and then ”instructing” their arms, hands and the fingers holding the pens into pieces of art! 

Keeping the same position for only five minutes seemed first time to be veeeery long! I was happy when I could take a break and let lose, moving all parts of my body freely. The teacher gave me as un-experienced a short session in the beginning. The scilled lady had longer sessions, she was very good!   

I realised that it was in fact fun! Being nude is easy and now in addition getting paid for it! I was very comfortable being nude among dressed people, the roles were clear. 

Not at least it was exciting to see how different they interpreted ME into a sketch! That was the most thrilling of all.

It was popular with a younger model, I was 17 at the time. The other models were mostly much older, so the drawing puils appreciated me coming in giving a mix of ages. It’s different challenges with different bodies.

The drawing teacher had a bunch of people in his, well let’s call it collection of models. Different ages, small, tall, skinny, big. Next time I was modeling the other model was also a male, I didn’t notice first but it was in fact one of the math teachers from school! He recognised me and said it was nice to meet in a somewhat odd way outside school. Well, nether of us had any problems with it, we undressed both of us and continued to chat until it was time for modeling sessions. 

At times it might occur effects that for a male model that is very obvious, I mean getting a boner. That’s one of the aspects we taked about at model meetings. But it’s a natural reaction, just don’t care.

I admit it happened for me several times, I mean being 17, hormones still raging around and more often horny than not…  First time I got a little worried, but got used to it. The teacher brought it up for the class in order to clear it out, since it was something very obvious. He said that live models are in fact live! No one should be upset or embarrassed. In fact it was also appreciated, gave the pupils a possibility to draw also an erected penis. The situation was handled serious and with a good artistic outcome.

I realised that sketching in a good way takes a lot of training. But I could after some sessions also see the scills developing, giving better results, more artistic sketches. It was my impression from my point of view, just checking the sketching results briefly. 

Modeling in a good way also took some training! Learning how to relax at the same time you have to keep the same body position for longer periods. You also have to be totally comfortable showing yourself in various poses. I continued for a while, left it some years and took it up again during university years.

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  1. Very interesting report and much appreciated. As I have become more acquainted with my naked body, and more proud of my weight loss, I have wondered if modeling was a possibility for me, especially if there was a wage involved. On the other hand, I am one of the most inhibited persons you will ever meet, despite my love of naturism.

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