My First Experience at Extended Time Nudism

In the first years of marriage my wife and I had a substantial amount of nude time, but with the exception of camping, never more than a few hours at a time.  Even then, the longest time was for the most of three days on a camp-out.  As kids came along and they got older, the time got less and less…until one day.

I had been in a wooded area in a t-shirt and small nylon gym shorts making my way through chest high brush.  What I was unaware of was that mixed in the brush was a substantial amount of poison oak, which I am acutely allergic to.

The result was that 90-95% of my body ended up being covered with poison oak.  I went to the doctor who gave me the strongest thing known to medical science for poison oak and it worked wonderfully.  Within a couple of hours I did not itch…as long as the affected area did not come in contact with anything… including clothing.  Immediately, it was fully acceptable to be nude as it was due to a medical condition and no one thought anything of it.  This continued for a full week and I was almost over it when I put the same shorts on to go out front during the day and that was when I discovered that the shorts had not been laundered enough and some of the oil was still present and I was re-infected.  The good side of that was that it meant another week of no clothes.

When friends would call about coming over, I would tell them the situation and give them a warning, ‘I will be nude and as long as it doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t bother me.  Only one person did not come in and that was the wife of a friend I had only met once prior to that.  Another friend’s wife brought over their baby daughter for us to babysit and one of her first comments was, ‘Mind if I look?’  During that time numerous friends and my mother all came over and there was absolutely no issue with the fact that I was nude and no one was uncomfortable with it.

All in all, it was a most enjoyable experience and it only made me long all the more more to be like that all the time.

It’s not that I am recommending getting covered in poison oak, but it is one way of being in a nude state and seen as if not normal at least acceptable and natural.

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    • I am pleased for you that your medical problem was soon resolved, the resulting good experiences with your home nudity show how ‘accepting’ people are in ‘safe’ locations for them. Your home is obviously a loving & caring place where friends and family are comfortable. So it’s remarkably good that it is now a home (like mine) where nakedness is routine and unnoticed, comfortable for all.

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