Exposed in school – coming out as naturist

Could have been me while preparing
Could have been me while preparing

There are different ways to get more open and accepted as naturist, even promoting the life style. I remember from high school years writing about the theme when fulfilling an individual project work, where we were requested to elaborate over some type of potentially sensitive topic. We were free to choose, but it should be about a tricky issue of some kind. I got the idea to dig further into aspects that for me was no big deal since raised in a naturist family,  but for most others is sensitive: about nudity, body freedom and shyness/shame/no-shame. 

It was an interesting task and gave several good experiences and knowledge about search methods, how to structure a topic, to write and re-write, edit, limitations, vokabulary and more like that. This was long time ago, so no internet available, no mobile phones, no digital cameras (so no photo from the time). Fortunately I found books of different kinds in the school library, but had to search also at the city library. In addition the leader of the local naturist club could provide some valuable information and experiences. 

But not only method experiences of of course, most important was of course to get a deeper understanding of the values of naturism! The values and the history behind, and how the attitudes regarding nudity have been during different ages through history. I was, as one example, thrilled reading about the ancient olympic games where the athletes competed nude! 

I was a little nervous when the day for my presentation came closer. How would it be recieved by my class mates and the teacher? I checked the content of my paper and the way I planned to present it with my parents. They encouraged me, gave good advices how to deal with some of the topics. 

Anyway, the day for the presentation arrived! I had 15 minutes to use, maximum 10 minutes for the presentation and then minimum 5 minutes for questions, response, discussion. I managed to describe the topic, facts and my elaboration, in not much less than 10 minutes. It was some giggeling when I told the topic, but the class soon realised that it in fact was a serious topic. We had very intense discussions in the class after my presentation, about body images, what’s the general attitudes to different body types, the sexualisation of the female body, body builder ideal for males and thoughs like that. The teacher forgot the time limits, so we continued the rest of time for the lesson. The presentations scheduled after mine had to be postponed to next lesson.

It was of course  after my presentation fully clear for all in my class that I was a naturist. It was like coming out as naturist! 😊

It could be a risk to be bullied for being naturist, but that can be more in question if it’s something that gets revealed. But in my case I told openly myself, so what was there more to expose? In fact I got hardly any negative comments. More of the opposite about being brave. It was more of appreciation about bringing up a topic that many had issues with, uncomfortable with their bodies. Too big, too small, too long, too short, too skinny, too small tits, too big tits and so on. 

The biology teacher in cooperation with colleagues later in the semester even arranged a special day regarding gender issues, body images and attitudes, how we express ourselves, the jargon among guys, among girls and in between. 

I’m in touch with only a few of my former class mates from this time, but it happens that some of them still bring it up, that they still remember my presentation about naturism and all the awareness it gave about sensitive issues.

I might add that my presentation was approved by the teacher! 😊

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  1. I really like this article, thank you. I have never made a verbal statement to a public gathering about being a naturist, but many times I have told people on the phone, or by letter/email, that within our home we tend to live the majority of our time naked. If they need to come to visit us it causes moments of silence, laughter, then either a reply of… “Yes okay, can I arrange to call…” or “… no not that, I can’t do that!…”. They assume that they need to undress to enter our home. Many just come and visit as they would anywhere else. Honesty is the best policy, even if it causes insults or rejections, you are being truthful to yourself & to nature!

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