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Many angles

There are many details that we don’t notice until there is a special reason. This summer I’ve got to study the many parts of a window, well not the actual window but where the window is placed, the window connections. There are for sure many angles and details to take care of when scraping to get rid of old paint, then painting all these details. Not once, but three times very carefully, this time using linseed based paint. High quality of the paint and – even more important – a high quality brush, made all the work somewhat easier. But it’s taken many hours. Ten windows means twenty window opening halves. Every half took around half an hour, so 20 (halves) x 0,5 (hours) x 3 (times painting every half) = 30 hours this summer spent with paint and brush! 

Luckily I’ve been able to do all the work without getting any paint stains at my clothes…😆  thanks to the working gear!

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  1. It was always a job I enjoyed, luckily I was able to paint at home & at my aunties house naked. You certainly enjoy your painting experience and I’m sure you really got into a ‘swing’ method of doing each sash perfectly, no matter how long it took. I preferred flat surfaces like doors & walls, but all was good anyway.

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