Nudism in wintertime

In Sweden, where I live, the winter is no good for outdoor nudism. When it’s like -10 Celsius it’s in fact too cold. This year we have a fairly much snow, so the landscape is beautiful though.
But indoors, in the warm house or in the flat, it’s comfortable to be nude as usually.
Looking forward to coming summer, to the garden, to the nearby nudist beaches…

In the kitchen

2 thoughts on “Nudism in wintertime”

  1. But saunas still give you the opportunity for a quick roll in the snow. What can be more invigorating?!
    You must get days when it is sunny and not windy. I was out ski-ing on Thursday. It was minus 8 when I started, sunny with no wind. I quickly warmed up so stripped off and had about an hour enjoying the feel of the sunshine on my skin, before the breeze picked up and I had to dress again. I did surpriseobe other skier as he glided swiftly past me downhill..

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