Well, why not arrange to be verfied I thought and so I did! Did not take long to get the verification. I’m a serious, life-long naturist, actively networking with other naturist all over the world. Open for new contacts, as well as keeping up with old friends.
Working at home until lunchtime today, great to have a very informal clothes code during working hours at home – no clothes at all of course! πŸ™‚
Outside it’s winter, snow and some degrees under the freezing point, January and February are long, dark and cold here. But more and more of daylight makes it somewhat easier after the darkest December.

11 thoughts on “Verified!”

    • Good to see someone happy to be his natural self, and not giving in to fashion police who would like us all to shave our bodies. Everyone should feel free to follow their own path, but shaming people to get them to follow yours is sad.

        • Thanks for your encouraging comments Martin and Richard!
          Anyway, I don’t get ennoyed by suggestions to shave my pubic hair, I take it as a friendly proposal only. But I have no intention to follow the proposal! I like my pubic hair, feel comfortable with it. 😊

          • Andrew, kudos for getting verified. When using this website it’s nice to know that others really are who they say they are.

            Personally, I think Augustus John’s remark is way out of line. It is admirable not to let yourself be offended, but I still think he needs a reminder about basic courtesy. It is NEVER ok to say “pity about” any aspect of another person’s appearance, even when it’s something that can easily be changed. For what it’s worth, I prefer the look and feel of pubic hair… but to each his own.

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