A Guide to Understanding Trans*

October 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

I thought I'd write this simple 401 to trans-gender, in hope, that it may clear any gray areas some people may have about gender variants. In today's world, schools and parents only teach there children about two genders. The "modern way". But, in fact, this is untrue. Male & Female are just the static genders in which one identifies and is physically. Following that is 20+ other genders which are swept under the carpet and not brought to the light as often as they should be. This leads to very frustrating and tiring questions everyday.

Could you imagine a complete stranger asking you the most intimate questions about your genitals, to sex, to your body right up to questions that lead to offense? Unfortunately, this is just a day by day chore for Trans men and woman, being asked some questions you just wouldn't ask anyone else. I hope this 401 someway or another distinguishes the myths to the facts and enlightens people on gender difference.

Each day, I'm faced with the same questions and sometimes the wording from the said person can be hurtful or offensive. If I reply stating that, it's not always they will see themselves, where the offense lies. I'll list a few below before going into a few deeper details of difference so you can gather the sort of outline structure of these questions.

"When did you choose to be a man/woman" "It's your choice…"

Okay, so some still live by this ideology that gender is a choice. Is it? If that is so, that is saying that anyone, including you, can just wake up tomorrow, flick a switch, and say right, i'm having a sex change. I'm going to spend thousands to be happy just for a few years, then ill switch it off and return back to myself. It doesn't work like that. Everyones gender is static and fluid due to science and genetic build ups. Without that, we would all be gender-less beings.

I have encountered hate crimes, been kicked out of my adoption home, left homeless TWICE for a total of 2 1/2 years, Endured high numbers of debt, been through a drug addiction, multiple suicide attempts including two, nearly killing me if it wasn't for a fast acting service, Lost close ones and friends, discriminated against each day all for the matter of a "choice". not forgetting that since 2009, Trans* murder rates have shot right up. 2014 seeing the highest figures yet. A toll of around 8,000 reported murders in the last 10 years and it'll continue to rise

Does that still sound like a choice someone would make? Is that a life you'd want for a choice? I'll go into deeper detail at the end of the questions about the difference in science on a trans* person and it may help build the understanding more.

So, what genitals do you have? Do they still work? Can you cum? How do you have sex?

Need I go into detail on that one? Pretty personal, right? Unforts, another frequent set we are asked way to often.

You have a penis/vagina, so you are still a man/woman

This is the lovely example of a politically correct bigot who can't see the internal science and is so fixated on ones genitals. Trans* is so much more complex than what genitalia you carry. Some choose to undergo gender reassignment surgery whilst others, simply don't. But, it's not a case of whats what. Should genitals really define someones gender? Especially when alot of there genetic build up has aligned to an opposite sex?

So, since you're trans* does that mean you like women or men?

Gender comes first, sexuality comes second. Trans is a gender not a sexuality

When do you go for "the op?"

Transition to society is seen as one operation, and this is far from true. There are multiple surgeries a trans person can undergo to correct bone mass, tissue and to feminize parts of the body. As stated above, not all will go for GRS. Some do not suffer with genital dysphoria. I would list all the operations in detail, but I don't want to keep this going 😛

You're perfect the way you are

Ouch. If it's one thing being born with a body you so merely hate and are disgusted at, its another being told that, that body, which causes heavy depression, self hate, upset, is "Perfect" and doesn't need correcting. Am sure some people still have logic, but I hear this WAY too much.

I'm not gay but
Oh, hey, that's okay. But, why do you feel the need to "protect" your heterosexuality? I'm not too sure you've seen what a gay marriage or relationship looks like, have you? I think your aiming that starter at the wrong person and need to learn gender, attraction and sexuality are three different things. If you find some one beautiful, so what? Embrace it and tell them. What is the big deal? That you may no longer be "straight"? Oh please lol

The list goes on and on but these are just a few. I can see people want to "learn" about gender, but some questions just should not be asked and some things, should just not be said.

Gender difference:

Trans is mainly in different parts of the andro levels, Brain bedding, Cell, Data, and genetic tissue build up.
These things are important for identifying your gender at birth to your physical body. But, in this process, one develops as one sex, whilst the above develop in the oppose. At birth, a doctor will look at genitals and think that a boy/girl. There are now countries introducing the "Trans scan" wich is a test they can perform on a child's brain to find out if your child may well be transgender. Doesn't sound too much like a choice now, does it? Gender can come in many different variants, and I wish in todays world, defining wasn't a problem and we all just learned to love and live. But, some just won't let that go and have to get all the juicy gossip from even the most personal aspects of our lifes.

Here is a list of known gender variants from biologist studies:

Male, Female, Trans gender Male, Trans gender female, Transsexual Male, Transsexual Female, Transsexual Neutral, Gender neutral, Gender Neautral Male, Gender Neutral female, Inter-sexual Male, Inter-sexual Female, Inter-sexual male to female, Inter-sexual female to male, Hermaphrodite Male, Hermaphrodite Female, Hermaphrodite Male to female, Hermaphrodite Female to male, Hermaphrodite Gender Neutral

So, I hope this as somewhat helped clear any blurs and answer any of the questions you may have wanted to ask. Defining shouldnt be the case. I seeked nudism for acceptance and love as true nudists don't apparently judge a body, but it seems so many on certain sites (*coughs* TN *coughs*) Can't face reality and do continue to judge. I get judged in a clothed society, I was not expecting that in a nudist society. As you can see, when I want to get a point across I'm pretty sharp and straight to it, but this is all part of my inside… The inside alot seem to miss 🙁