Naked Wanderings


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    Vittorio Volpi - "@roto8 Hallo Roto, Welcome on Naktiv. It’s a good an friendly place for naked antivities and share our experiences. Your profile is still empty. I know you only for your nickname: it isn’t so much. I’m waitin to […]"View
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    Mark & Andrea Goshawk - "Well, 2021 is looking not much better than 2020, please keep stay well everybody, and keep safe."View
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    Rob Nytro - "I gotta say, here you are wearing more clothes than I’ve ever seen you in, in your pictures, I don’t like it! lol"View
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    Brim Man - "@profile-9333 I’m sad to hear you’re not opening this year. 🙁 Kefalonia is a beautiful island with some of the best beaches."View
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    Bepa Ball - "Why You Might See a Naked Person on Your Next Hike It might elicit a chuckle at first, but a popular Instagram account is very serious about getting you naked in the great outdoors. by Daniel Modlin In 2015, while […]"View
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    Steve & Denise - "Had to share this as it brought a wry smile to my face. I was going through our friend requests and one was from someone claiming to be in Spain that had classically handsome profile pic a guy in a blue polo […]"View
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    T. L. Lim - "Hi guys, I had a busy day yesterday. A friend reminded me that I had promised to write a report each for NEWT 2018 and Saxony 2018. Eager to make amends for my unpardonable neglect, I pushed everything aside and […]"View
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    Joe Aich - "I’m just returning from a year long hiatus. Whatver happened to the “groups” that I used to participate in? When I click on a link to a group such as, “Hawaiian Skinny Dippers”, I get a message that there is […]"View
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    Pasis - "Hi, I’m going in mid-July for a couple of days in Oslo. Is there any place in Oslo where I could visit naked; beach, park, spa?"View
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