Naked Wanderings presents… NUDE!

April 12, 2018 in Uncategorized

During our travels around the world we meet a lot of other nudists and what kind of surprised us was so often the question “Oh, is there a nudist resort in … ?”. Also on Naked Wanderings, after we published a review about this or that resort, visitors thank us for the tip because they had no idea the place existed. That sounded a bit strange to us, because if we had been able to find those places, others must too. On the other hand, researching nudist spots is pretty much the only thing we do all day, next to writing blog posts and chilling with our naked butt in the sun of course.

Clearly there was a need for a website where you have an overview of all nudist accommodations around the world, a place where people can search for the perfect destination for their next nakation. And just like that, the idea for NUDE was there!

What’s NUDE?
Of course we wanted to have a cool name, but also something meaningful. After several long nights infused with sometimes too much alcohol, we came up with the name NUDE.
“Meaningful”, you ask?
Most certainly, NUDE is short for Nudist’s Ultimate Destination Explorer. How about that?

A complete (or as complete as possible) overview of all nudist accommodations around the world was the basic idea, but we wanted something more. NUDE had to be a platform where the owners of nudist places and the travellers could find each other, inform each other and eventually work together to create amazing nakations.
What we needed was interaction.
From the traveler side our idea was pretty simple, in fact, it’s not even our own idea. We just used what Tripadvisor has been doing for so many years: The possibility to review a place. Because let’s face it, you can read a lot about a certain place on the internet and look at all the beautiful pictures, but the most valuable info often comes from someone like ourselves, a previous visitor. By reading about their experiences and by the tips and tricks they often give we know exactly which time of the year to go, which camping spot to choose and what to order from the restaurant’s menu.
Tripadvisor is the main resource for millions of travellers around the world, we want NUDE to become the main resource for those who like to travel with less clothes.

On the other side, we wanted to give the owners of the nudist places full control over their page on NUDE. Not because we’re lazy (or maybe just a little), but because we believe that they are in the right position to provide an updated description of their place, they have loads of pictures and so on. By controlling their own page, they will also have the possibility to respond to reviews as the owner.

NUDE and You
What will NUDE do for you? Well, we’ve said it before, we want NUDE to become the place where you find the perfect place for you to get naked. But that works in both ways of course, because the heart of NUDE will be the reviews, we hope that you (and all our other visitors) take the time to write something about the places you’ve visited. Only then will we become what the name already says: the Nudist’s Ultimate Destination Explorer.

We can keep talking about how cool NUDE is and all the things you can do with it, but why not have a look for yourself?
You can go to the website by following the link:
Remember that researching a place is already a fun part of your nakation!
And while you’re at it, why not write a couple of reviews and help us getting this thing started?