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  • Happy Nude Year to all fellow nudists and naturists. May the year 2022 be a very nude and peaceful one!

  • Good morning, naktiv friends! I haven’t posted for a while although I keep coming to see what’s happening in the little naktivian community. I hope you all are safe, practicing social distancing and wearing masks when necessary, and enjoying our wonderful nudist lifestyle. I wish you a great day, nude if possible!

  • Bardzo ładne zdjęcia.

  • Working on my novel, the naturist way! Have a great naked Sunday!

  • We having a great spring weather in New Zealand

  • Happy nude Monday to all beautiful Naktivers! Wish you all a great nude week, nude labor day on May 1st and nude gardening day on May 4th. Spring is springing and clothes are in the closets.

  • The new poster of the French Federation of Naturism. The Happiness of Living Naked! If it’s obvious to naturists that naturism contributes to happiness, it’s a message worth sharing to everybody around us!

  • Hello all Naktiv lovers! I’m taking some time off the internet to be with my beloved ones. Nude time there will be, I’m sure! In the meantime, I’m wishing all you a wonderful festive season and an incredible Nude Year 2019! May the nude be with you! Love and peace!

  • Voilà! Just done it! So proud of it. Editing time before publishing now!

    • National Novel Writing Month ( -> write a 50k novel in one month! Just did it. My first naturist novel (in French).

    • Thank you. It was a lot of fun actually. I did not think I could complete this as I started late (I actually started on Nov 15) and was able to complete in 12 days. One of the good things, I think, is that I came with tons of other ideas while writing this one, so I have material to write a series of books with the same characters, exploring…[Read more]

    • Congratulations! I hope you’re able to release it in English (my French is very limited and certainly not up to the challenge of reading a book).

    • Excellent news! If you want a paperback version…?

      Before you do anything though, make sure to have a third-party proof read it. They will save you the *most* embarassing errors you’ve made. I speak from experience.

    • Waiting for it to be published so I can read it.

    • Very impressive Marc after such a late start. Well done. I am already into the edit part for my book as well. Thanks for being a writing buddy. I’ll read yours if you read mine – LOL! Oui, je sais lire, écrire, et parler en français mon ami.

  • I started my first naturist novel, during this NaNoWriMo. I started late, but am catching up fast and hope to reach 50k words by the end of November. It will be first in French and I will translate it in English. Can it be the start of a new venture and series of book? Time will tell, in the meantime, I’m having a blast writing about these young…[Read more]

    • J’ai hâte de le lire

      • Merci @francillon. Sortie prévue en janvier si tout se passe bien et en tenant compte des retards à la relecture et correction.

    • Just hit 15k words. Not (yet) where I should be for Nov 19, but catching up fast. Should be on par only in the last days. But sticking to my discipline so far and so excited, my fingers are flying on the keyboard and ideas pouring into my storyboard… See you later!

  • Nobody on the beach this morning. Went for a jogging before the forecasted clouds come back…

  • When you do not hesitate to turn left… Nice signage in Sérignan.

  • Right spot, right weather… could not resist…

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